Build Your Business

Rhinestone Rebels SPONSORING Incentive

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Build Your Business.... I'll build your display! Here's how it works:

~ For each person you sponsor now through the end of October, you get one entry!!!

~ For each person you sponsor before the end of September, you get three entries!!!

~ For each New Stylist you sponsor who launches within 2 weeks, you get five entries!!!

***This incentive begins today, September 24th and runs through October 31st***

The winning stylists' new stylist will also receive $50 In business supply credits. Watch our Rhinestone Rebels FB page for sponsoring tips!!!

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NOW is the time to take action! We are about to embark on the busiest season of the year. 40% of our business is done in Q4, take advantage of that natural momentum. We are offering an extra $100 in our starter kit plus an opportunity to start strong in our busy season. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NEXT SIX DAYS!!!

Plus, I want EVERYONE on this team to earn one of the FABULOUS "First 50 Gem Fatales- Rhinestone Rebels" charms!!!

Want to build a team but need some help brainstorming sponsoring? Email me at and I will help you get started!

Here is a hint: it all starts with just reaching out and asking. Sponsoring is very much like booking... the more people you ask, the more people will say YES! A great place to start? Your hostesses and top customers. You already know they love the style, you are halfway there!

Can't wait to watch your teams & business take of in 2014!!! XO