Board of Trustees

Call for Nominations

The Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is our governance team who oversees many aspects of the smooth running of the school. This is a volunteer position that takes a lot of commitment and a passion for wanting the best for our students. We have three vacancies on our Board.

Rachael Barnett joined our Board last year and has been elected as our new Chairperson. Along with Shannon Leilua, she is looking forward to welcoming new Board members and working with them to ensure our school thrives.

Board members attend monthly meetings about the governance of the school. They are involved with the strategic goal setting of the school including property, finances, human resources and student achievement. We want Board members who are passionate about education and want the best for students in this community. You do not need to have experience or a specific skill set. Training is available and we will work closely with the NZ School Trustees Association to help you to learn the ropes.

An interest in school business, property, progressing our school and ensuring the best for all students are qualities needed for a Board member.

If you want to know more, please pop in for a chat and a walk around the school to find out what this role entails.

2021 Board of Trustee Parent Elections

Birkdale Intermediate School

School profile number: 1228

Nominations are open for the election of three parent representatives to the board of trustees.

Your nomination form is attached

You can use this form to nominate yourself or someone else in your community. We have nomination forms available in Te Reo Māori and some other languages. Please contact the returning officer if these are required. If you have a child enrolled in year 6 at nearby years 1-6 (contributing) primary school you can participate in this election also.

Nominating yourself or someone else

If you are on the voting roll and eligible to vote, you can nominate yourself. Please remember to sign both parts of the form.

If you are nominating someone else, complete the nomination form and make sure it includes all the required contact details and signatures.

You can post, hand deliver or email your nomination form/s to the returning officer (see details below). Nominations close at noon on Thursday 29 April 2021.

Candidate statement

If you are a candidate, you are invited to submit an optional statement (up to 400 words) and photo. Make sure your statement is received by noon on Thursday 29 April 2021 so that it can be sent to voters with the voting papers.

The returning officer may remove or edit any part of the candidate’s statement if it exceeds 400 words or is offensive or defamatory.

Electoral roll

The electoral roll is held at the school office and can be viewed during normal school hours.


Anyone can stand for election for the board of trustees, except for some exclusions. For further information on eligibility visit

If you are not on the voting roll you must be nominated by a person who is.


A candidate may nominate a person to sit with the returning officer during the vote count to make sure it is done correctly. Please advise the returning officer in writing of your scrutineer’s name and contact details before election day. Candidates cannot be scrutineers.

Voting and results

If there are more nominations than vacancies for parent representatives, a voting election will be held. Eligible voters will be issued voting papers and candidate statements, on or before Tuesday 4 May 2021.

The poll closes at 4 pm on Tuesday 1 June 2021. The highest polling candidates will be elected to the board of trustees and results will be notified to the school community and other affected parties.

Post, hand deliver, or email completed nomination form/s to Jenny Williams, Birkdale Intermediate School, 200 Birkdale Road, Birkdale, Auckland 0626,