Shishu Sabha

by: priya patel

Positive Reinforcement

  • to have a good attitude at all times
  • to have a smile on your face
  • to respect the kids nicely

Storytelling Tips

  • know your story well so you can make it fun!
  • Grab the shishu's attention in the beginning of the story
  • exaggerate you voice during the story

How to engage shishu's throughout sabha

  • You want to make sure that you have games that make the sabha fun!
  • You need to be full of excitement and positive throughout the sabha
  • Make sure you have some treats at the end of the sabha

Getting distracted

WARNING: Shishu's getting distracted very easily. That's why you have to make things a little more entertaining for them. Ex; Don't read directly from the paper. Try to summarize for them so they don't have to sit there bored and confused. Also you want to make sure they are engaged and not bored or not participating. You want to make sure everyone is participating.