Ultra-Violet Radiation

Isis Cajaya Science Project

What is Ultra-Violet?

is range of electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than violet on

the visible spectrum,thereby having shorter wavelengths and more energy than violet wavelengths.

What the Wavelengths and Frequency?

Wavelengths-400nm - 1nm

Frequency-1015 - 1017 Hz

2 interesting facts about the EM wave

  • Possible eye damage can result from high doses of UV light, particularly to the cornea which is a good absorber of UV light.
  • In general, UVA is the least harmful but can contribute to the aging of skin, DNA damage and possibly skin cancer. UVB rays are the ones that burn the skin and can damage the eyes.
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Insects Love Ultra-Violent.They colors but humans don't.
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Bill Nye The Science Guy on The Sun (Full Clip)