Spreading Gossip



Sequoria was doing a customer hair when she started talking about what she heard. She heard what happened to Brittany and her Boyfriend the other day. She said that Brittany got put out of her apartment because they got into a fight and that Child Well-fare came to take her baby from her.

Decision Making Progress

What is the ethical dilemma?

  • the dilemma is that they are gossiping about something that does not involve them.
What are the facts of the situation (at least 2)?

  • they could get put out of their apartment for fighting.
  • their child could be taken away from them.
What are the alternatives and the consequences ( 2 for each)

  • The alternative is she could've talked to him in private. The consequence is that it led into a big fight.
  • The alternative is she could've told the police she was being abuse at home in front of her baby. The consequence is that she didn't tell nobody what was happening to her in their home, so she got put out of her apartment and her baby got taken away from her.

Determine a course of action ( what decision would you make)?

  • I would've called the police to get a restraining order put out on my boyfriend because he's being abusive to me in front of our child.
Evaluate your decision ( Why do you think that is the best decision to make?)

  • I think its the best decision to make because if Brittany told her landlord that her boyfriend is abusing her and she got a restraining order put on him then she wouldn't get put out of her apartment.