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- Fast Diet: success or Fiasco?

Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- As each spring many again think of many more or less promising diets. Do you know what is right? Diets that promise fast results, at least as much as their users. Some are based on the elimination of fats, carbohydrates, while others swear by fruit days, focusing on the right combination of foods and counting calories, and the third being replaced food with a variety of drinks and plates ... it is common to more or less ignore the principles of healthy eating.

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As the number of different weight loss diets every season increases, it is difficult to distinguish harmful from those that have a positive impact on both weight loss as well as to improve health. Introduction To Kyle Leon Popular diets offer the user a relatively simple design, which is to be held. Usually we do not need to think much, because we have accurately determine which food can be consumed, what should be the method of preparation and how much you can eat. Such instructions may be an effective short-term. Do not teach us how to change the way of life that will enable weight maintenance and preservation of health.

Some diets may be working well, and even at the beginning give excellent results in the long run mode selected is no longer working. Diets with very low energy intake (below 1200 calories, which is about 5000 joules) long are not suitable, because the body does not provide all the necessary materials for smooth operation. In addition, there is after a certain time such feeding to the phase when the weight is not reduced more. If we want to continue to lose weight is to be further reduced energy intake. Too low energy intake prevents us from normal performance of daily activities, we feel tired and without energy. After a few days of such torture, therefore succumb to the temptation, and then reaches for food.Introduction To Kyle Leon The body, which has recently starvation is how the memory of the whole diet get straight into fat deposits. So after a few weeks even end up with more pounds than we had before weight loss.

Keep in mind that healthy weight loss involves a long-term lifestyle changes. A healthy diet plan may not be the fastest, but it is certainly flexible and provides a wide selection of foods from all the food groups pyramid, including occasional treats or desserts. It is true that rapid short-term diets are not likely to have disastrous consequences for the health of the individual, but certainly in the long run in unsuitable and inadequate diet seriously play with health.

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For a slim figure and well-being is also important regular exercise.
When deciding on the food plan, we need to pay attention to a few main factors:

- Nutritional plan should allow for a gradual but continuous weight loss. Healthy weight loss is from a half to one pound a week.

- Nutritional plan should be balanced and not secrete any of the major accoutrements (protein, carbohydrates, fats).