Who's Your Mama?

Mother Goose!

Mother Goose is on the Loose

Take a trip down memory lane as you read the nursery rhymes we all grew up on. Here Comes Mother Goose written by Iona Opie is sectioned in four chapters starting with the childhood "jump roap" favorite, "1,2, Buckle My Shoe." Rosemary Wells provides unordinary illustrations that will make any child laugh and giggle as she transforms iconic characters like "Old Mother Hubbard into a cool looking grandma riding on a blue scooter." The illustrations are matched with large print text which is very pleasing to the eye. This would make a nice addition to the classroom or your book shelf at home.

Opie Iona. (1999). Here comes Mother Goose. Illus by Rosemary Wells. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. (107).

Brush Up On Your Rhyming Skills!

Test your knowledge with this classic Mother Goose book. What did little Jack Horner pull out of that pie? What letter was marked on the cake in Pat-a-cake? See how your knowledge lines up with Denslow's Mother Goose. The best part is you can read it online! Check out in the website section.

Denslow William (1901). Denslow’s Mother Goose. New York: McClure, Phillips & Company.

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What are you waiting for! It's Mother Goose Time!