Why was she so cool ?

Sacagawea is the most important person in the USA in 1805. Sacagawea is the most important person in the world because she walked across the usa i think it took her at least 5 years because it would take a long time to get to the usa and back to her home town.

Almost there

Who was sacagawea?

Who do you think Sacagawea was? Sacagawea was very important to the usa because she had a coin, the coin was made in 2000. That coin was a ONE DOLLAR COIN!!!! On the heads side it had sacagawea on that side.

Sacagawea was important because she traveled from the usa back to where she used to live with a baby on her back.

Some cool facts!

I am going to tell you some facts about Sacagawea, sacagawea was born in 1788 in Salmon,ID and she had one sibling named Cameahwait that name is kind of hard for me to say she had 2 kids name Jean Baptiste Charbonneau that was her son’s name and her daughter’s name is lizette charbonneau, She died in December 20, 1812, The last thing is that sacagawea was buried in sacajawea cemetery there was a cemetery named after her it was just spelled a little different.

How long did she walk?

How long do you think sacagawea walked? Sacagawea walked till 1805 to 1906 know is that a long time sacagawea also had a baby on her back while that much!!! I really hope she and the baby did not get hurt but they were with two men named lewis and clark.They also traveled a lot too.

How many miles?

Sacagawea almost 5,000 miles north. Know is that a lot or what! I am really surprised because all they had to eat and drink was blackberrys grapefruit and dirty water.

I think she was about 30-67 when she got back to her home town i also think think that she traveled north and she was the first women to cross the border.

Why is she so important to the USA?

Why is sacagawea important to the USA??!!! Sacagawea is important to the usa because she was the first women to cross the usa bored. Is that amazing or what?

She inspires me because i think i can do the same thing when i grow up but i would do it with best friend for life it would be so so so so fun with her.

Bye Bye ;(

The last thing is sacagawea was 17 when she started to traveled and when she stopped she was 24.

To sum it all up,I hope sacagawea had good time bonding with her baby. I wish i was wish i was with sacagawea because she was so so brave to do all of that.

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