A Stop to Child Labor

by~ Payton Miller

Child Labor

Can you imagine your little brother or sister working twelve hours a day in a cave or tunnel where they could get crushed by a massive rock or breathe in toxic dust? Well, this could happen to any child laborer. They would have to deal with these conditions daily for little or no income. Also, these unsafe jobs interrupt their education and childhood. People like Iqbal and Craig are teen activists working to stop child labor.

Where Child Labor Happens

Child labor happens in numerous countries and is very dangerous. Child labor is found most often in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Ethiopia. Some examples of risky working places are when they have to dig in mines because they could breathe in toxic dust or they could blow up from a mine explosion. Another hazardous work area is when they have to farm because they could inhale poisonous chemicals and it can kill them. 85 million of 168 million kids in child labor are in dangerous work every year. That is a lot of kids that if they don’t get help could die very soon. Child labor is unsafe and needs to stop.

Iqbal the Teen Activist

Iqbal had a difficult life, but still fought against child labor. Iqbal’s father sold him for twelve dollars when he was four years old. He was chained in a room and was forced to weave carpets for twelve hours a day. He escaped at from slavery at age ten and he went to North America and spoke out against child labor. Iqbal went back to Pakistan at age twelve and got shot in the head and he died. Iqbal was a teen activist that inspired many people to help make a change and stop child labor.

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Craig the Teen Activist

Craig is another example of a teen activist that helps fight against child labor. He was inspired by Iqbal when he was twelve and first read a article on Iqbal and his life. He was the same age as Iqbal so he compared his life to Iqbal's and decided that he need to make a difference. Craig now travels several different countries and his goal is stop child labor for good. He has helped change many laws and rules already on child labor and still speaks out against it to kids today, at age fourteen. Craig is an example of no matter how young you are you can always make a difference.

Help Stop Child Labor

Child labor is a big worldwide problem. It affects many kids and their families. Child labor takes away kids opportunity to learn and is dangerous. To stop child labor we need people like Iqbal and Craig that are teen activists. We can all work to help stop child labor because it deprives kids of their childhood.
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