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Learn Your Spanish Verbs Now!

How to Translate a Sentence with the Correct ending and pronouns

To translate a sentence like I run, or they masculine run you would translate it like this.

I = Yo Run = Correr or They (m) = Ellos

To add the correct ending to your verb based on the pronoun you chose, look at the charts below.

Below are the rules of Spanish verb endings.

ER Verb Examples

Hacer- to do

Creer- to believe

Leer- to read

Comprender- to understand

Correr- to run

Comer- to eat

Aprehender- to learn

Depender- to depend

Defender- to defend

Caber- to fit

Tener- to have

AR Verb Examples

Hablar- to speak

Llevar- to carry

Tomar- to drink

Mirar- to watch

Buscar- to look for

Comprar- to buy

Trabajar- to work

Estudiar- to study

Usar- to use

Estar- to be (health)

Llegar- to arrive

IR Verb Examples

Decidir- to decide

Ir- to go

Vivir- to live

Escribir- to write

Abrir- to open

Dormir- to sleep

Definir- to define


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