Ngaere School

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Thursday 15th November

From The Board of Trustees

Hi everyone

This is a mid-month catch-up, with a few important updates we’d like to share with you all.

Firstly, we’re delighted to announce the appointment of two new teachers for next year – both in the junior end of our school. I’m sure you’ll join us in welcoming both Darren Guthrie and Denise Reynolds to our Ngaere community! Darren has taught at both Waitara East and Opunake Primary Schools, and is currently working at Kidzone in New Plymouth. He is excited about getting back into a primary school setting, and brings a passion for music and technology with him.

Denise will already be well known to many in our Ngaere Community. She’s currently working as a fixed term teacher in Room 1, and has been involved with the school in a number of ways over the past year. As a beginning teacher, Denise is looking forward to creating an engaging and motivating learning environment in her own classroom and is excited to be part of our team next year!

Last night, our Board met to consider our strategic priorities going forward. We had a really good session, and although the details are still to be worked through, we’ve committed to continuing our enviro focus, developing communication skills school wide and work around digital technologies which is to be a new curriculum area nationally from 2020. We have also committed to investigate and implement play based learning for our early learners. Our on-going community involvement and engagement is another priority for our Board, as is our focus on students leading their own learning (student agency). 2019 is going to be another fantastic year at Ngaere!!!!!

'Til next time


Board Chair

Big picture

These are some of the shoe boxes put together by children in Pukeko, Piwakawaka and Whio rooms to send to children in the islands for Christmas. Thank you to everyone who contributed to these and to the Eltham Lions Club who will pay to have them shipped to their destinations.

Thank you

As a staff we would like to thank our parent community for the support we have received (and are receiving) as we, along with primary teachers and principals New Zealand wide work through bargaining around our Collective Agreements. We have yet to vote on the current offer which still fails to address some of the main issues we are campaigning for. It is not just about the money! Ultimately it is about the future of your children's education. This has been well summed up by a Principal colleague.... (it has been abbreviated)

"It is with some sadness that I read and hear the media reports about the offer that has been presented to the teachers. Much of the reporting is, in my view, - skewed to sound much better than the reality. Comments like "most teachers will receive a $10,000 salary increase" are very misleading.

For example, a teacher who is joining the profession after spending 4 years at university - will receive an increase of around $19 per week from this offer straight away.

A teacher who has been teaching for over 10 years - and has a full degree - will receive around $27 a week extra from this offer straight away.

Secondary school teachers currently receive 10 days a term release - this enables them to prepare lessons, work with parents, mark assessments and participate in professional learning. Primary school teachers receive 2 days a term. In the last offer - primary teachers were offered a very small increase of 12 minutes extra release - in the new offer - this pitiful increase has been removed completely.

The release of 600 extra "learning support" staff is great - but there is very little information about what this might look like in reality. There are over 2500 schools in New Zealand.

We cannot expect everything straight away - but please believe me when I say this is not about greed for a bigger pay rise. The conditions around classroom release, and extra support for students have been ignored completely. In fact - we have less release in this offer than in the last. We have students in our classes TODAY that deserve a better deal - they are not arriving in 2020."

Teachers don't want to strike; they need to strike to be heard!

School Photographs

Class and individual photographs were given out yesterday. if you have any issues please speak to Jenny in the school office. Further orders can be made by contacting the photographer directly.

PTA Calendar Art

There was a great variety of art on offer for this year's Calendar Art Fundraiser. Orders have been sent away and are expected back to school within 3 weeks, well in time for the end of the year. Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser.

Polo Shirts

Could those parents who still owe money for polo shirts please settle your account now.

If you are still waiting for an order please contact the office.

Help wanted

We have a number of out door jobs that have accumulated while our caretaker is on leave. if you are able to help in any way (door jamb needs fixing, gardens need tidying, walls need washing down, seats need painting....) please see me or leave name and phone number with Jenny in the office.