RSS Digest - Special Edition

Lead Evaluator Resources for 2020-2021

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) in 2020-2021 will continue consistent with current statute and regulation. This edition is a compilation of resources, dates, tips and tricks to support you as you support teachers and instruction this year.

APPR Re-Calibration #2: You do not want to miss this virtual event!

Join us on Monday, November 23 at 9am and our colleagues at Erie 1 BOCES will lead us through a customized workshop aligned to best practice for remote teaching and evaluation. For more information and to register in Frontline click here.

From Corwin: The Distance Learning Playbook for School Leaders

The Distance Learning Playbook for School Leaders is the essential hands-on guide to leading school and school systems from a distance and delivering on the promise of equitable, quality learning experiences for students.

Using our Regional School Success Co-Sers we can digest this book as a team of leaders within our region. Please reply to these quick questions to let us know if you are interested in a regional book study.

From BetterLesson: Join us to discuss how teachers have been adapting their classrooms

The Concurrent Classroom Workshop Series helps educators define the specific challenges and opportunities of the concurrent classroom. The solutions have been classroom tested and are specifically adapted for the concurrent classroom reality. For more information and to register in Frontline click here.

Part 1: Making Direct Instruction More Inclusive and Engaging in Concurrent Classrooms

Wednesday, November 18: 1pm - 3pm

Part 2: Increasing Student Motivation and Agency in Concurrent Classrooms

Friday, November 20: 9am - 11am

Danielson Framework for Remote Teaching

Recommendations for meeting the needs of students during this time of crisis from the lens of Framework for Teaching. Click here to register and download the PDFs.

Need an asynchronous "Re-calibration" refresher?

The experts over at the Danielson Group have an asynchronous "Recalibration for Remote Instruction" course. Using our Regional School Success Co-Sers, with 2 or more districts, subscribing to this course, we can help districts receive reimbursements via BOCES aid. To request this for your district click here!
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