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Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

The kids will continue this week to set personal goals according to data from reading with me as well as their NWEA results. These results are very personalized and shows every students strengths and next steps. I will share these with you during our conference time together. I would love for the students to attend the conference as well so that they can share and explain their goals as well as share their online portfolios.

In reader's workshop this week and next we will be doing a book study together on The One and Only Ivan. I began reading it aloud to the class on Friday. I will read the story to them, printing out select parts for them to close read. They will be digging deeper to find emotions within the characters, why these emotions change, sequence the most important of events, and finalizing by determining what the author really wants us as readers to learn. I am attaching a link to the book for you to view. There is a real life Ivan as well that the kids and I will be talking about. Students will be working in their reader's notebook to jot down their important thoughts and evidence from the text.

The One and Only Ivan - Official Book Trailer

Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

Students worked with their writing partner to make their memoirs the best they can be. Students got really good feedback from their partners and responded by making changes. This was a nice thing to see. Next week the kids will continue to to publish their memoirs. Mini lessons will focus on strong beginnings, powerful endings, and using quotations effectively.

Students that are published will be starting another free write story.

For word study this week we will focus on the proper use of their, there, and they're. This can be a toughy, so we will practice it a lot at school. Word work homework will focus on this as well.

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Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

My goal is to finish unit 2 before fall break. I'm sure we will. This week and next our lessons will focus on reviewing the problem solving techniques, going through partial sums as a way to add, look at subtraction techniques, and adding 3 or more addends. When we get to this point unit two will be complete. I think this will give us a few days to review the content before taking the assessment.

Below you will see an example of the partial sums method.

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Upcoming Week: Inquiry

We will be working with Mrs. Patterson this week on simple machines. We will read a book about this to build the kids knowledge before going in. They will be given a 'problem' to solve that will require them to build simple machines. I love watching the kids work collaboratively to solve the problems. We will do a few short lessons on communicating and collaborating to work together to achieve a task. This will assist them when they build and create.


FYI, we have an upcoming field trip to Conner Prairie. We will be exploring prairie town to discover how kids lived in the late 1800's. Our focus will be on community, but their will be on exhibit that is more science driven. We will be going on Oct. 27th. You will be receiving more information soon. Please keep the date in mind as we will need some chaperones. Thanks.

Specials Next Week:

M - Music

T - PE

W - Tech (ERD)

Th - Art - Conference - Student dismissal at 12:40

Fri - Music

Wednesday is our library day! Please don't forget those books so you can get new ones!

Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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