MYP Grades - What Do They Mean?

A Guide to your IB Student's Grades

What are IB "Crit" grades?

As we get closer to the end of Quarter 1, you may start noticing grades on Connect that have been labeled "Crit [descriptor]". This is an MYP assessment grade that shows a student's current level of learning and understanding of the MYP Subject Criterion. Each MYP subject has 4 Criterion that are assessed each semester. These are used to assess a student's ability to demonstrate mastery and understanding of the curriculum that was taught and practiced in class during a unit over a period of time.
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IB in (about) 3: MYP Assessment overview

But what do the numbers mean?

Depending on the State, County, District, school or even the teacher, a student's grade could include many different things. But, MYP grades are assessed using the same subject specific criterion across the globe.

To understand a specific score on an MYP Assessment, you need to read the grade descriptor on the rubric the teacher used in the assessment.
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How does my student know what they need to demonstrate?

Typically, at the beginning of the unit, a teacher will provide a copy of the rubric that will be used in the final assessment so students can

  1. Get an overview of what they will be learning in the unit
  2. Know what they will be graded on in the final assessment

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More Information

Below are a few more short videos that will explain MYP Grades in a little more detail.

MYP Report Cards will be printed at the end of Semester 1 and handed out to IB Students when they return from Winter Break.
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