Chapter 1

Randazzo, Whitehead, Vavra and Breazeale

Recommendations for Setting Objectives in the Classroom

1. Objectives should be specific but not restrictive.

2. Communicate objectives to students and parents.

3. Connect the objectives to previous and future learning.

4. Engage students in personal learning objectives

Recommendations for Providing Feedback

1. Provide feedback that addresses what is correct and elaborates on what students need to do next.

2. Provide feedback appropriately in time to meet students' needs.

3. Provide feedback that is criterion referenced.

4. Engage students in the feedback process.

Ney Elementary Learning Objectives

Specificity of Learning Objectives

Too General: Use of the process of science inquiry.

Too Specific: Describe three observations about how bean plants grow, using four pictures and at least four numbers.

Just Right: Record and describe observations with pictures, numbers or words.