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February 2016

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From wood to houses, Highland Homes has not been one to disappoint! First founded in 1985, Jean Ann Brock and brother Rod Sanders had a mission to provide beautiful homes built for lifestyle and exceptional customer service to house buyers. Since that day Highland has quickly grown into a multi-million dollar company in the state of Texas. Now in the year 2016, Highland Homes has made many new changes.

Employees here have taken a big step recently when company owners let all employees have a share in of the company. All of our employees have worked so hard and we've been extremely proud of them. Cece Karnopp, a sales councelor for Fulshear Creek, has done exceptional work.

Oil and Gas Effecting House

Falling oil prices might be good for your gas tank, but not so much for your home's value. Yes lower prices keep more money in your pocket but for states with economics that rely on lots of energy, lower oil and gas prices can bring lay offs and less demands for housing. Home prices are expected to rise around 3.5% this year. But all of our beloved employees already know that. Because of all these layoffs, plenty of people who live in an oil based city will have to move since they cannot find a job. Every employee in the real estate company, including us, has suffered from these major changes. But this hasn't been the first time.
In 2009, gas sold below $2. Trulia Chief Economist, Jed Kolko said, "Oil prices have plunged from over $100/barrel in July 2014 to around $50/barrel in early January 2015, threatening oil-producing economies around the world. Within the U.S., big oil prices drop have historically been associated with job losses and falling home prices in energy-producing regions. In particular, plummeting oil prices in the 1980s were followed by declines in employment and home prices in Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Orleans, and other nearby markets." Like Kolko said, oil prices will forever be in a state of increase and decrease.
However, Highland Homes has proven the oil and gas company that their changes can't effect us. For the 30 years Highland has been running, we have been able to conquer every single drop or increase in oil. On a normal year, Highland and all of our workers prove that we could surely take on a monster, but 2009 wasn't a normal year. Known as the worst housing market since the Great Depression, 2009 proved to be a difficulty to every building company. Highland Homes took this challenge and managed to be in the top ten for-profit private builders and place 23 in the 2009 BUILDER top 100 list. Very grateful for our hardworking employees, we reward then just like we do now.
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Fly Me to Palm Springs

As some of you might to know, Highland Homes has just announced our 2016 realtor program. This year each employee and a guest can be able to go to Palm Springs!
Palm Springs is located in California nearby the Coachella valley. Our planned destination is at the wondrous Parker Palm Springs resort. At the resort you and your guest will have many things to do. There is golfing, swimming, croquet, tennis, and even boutique in the resort where you can shop at. For the ladies and others who just love a good massage, treat yourself to endless possibilities in the resort spa. So how can you win this luxurious vacation?
All a realtor has to do is sell 3 homes between January 1 and August 31, 2016 for you and a guest to fly to Palm Springs. (Office managers has to sell 12 homes to join) Not only can you get a paid stay at a resort, but Highland homes is also offering a bonus realtor program. Sell your first Highland home and you will get 3% commission on your first closing. Sell 2 HOMES and you can get 1% bonus to your 3% commission. Sell 3 HOMES and you will receive a 2% bonus to your 3% commission. But that's not all we have to offer. If you relocate one of your buyers to a Highland home, we provide a 1% reimbursement of the sale price of the house.
We thank our employees for working the best they can, and for making Highland Homes the way it is today!

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Founded in 1985. They had a goal to provide homes built for exceptional customer service to its home buyers. Located in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston.
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