A Little Bit Scary

By, Hugh Brown

You may think that Steve is scary but........

He protects his friends with his horns. He also uses his horns for barbecues. He also plays barbie with his sister Trisha every Friday. he also watches Jake and the Never land pirates with Larry his brother.

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Good Deeds

Steve helps at a soup kitchen everyday. He also makes trail mix for the homeless. But his favorite thing to do is help out at the retirement homes.


Steve has 123,999 siblings. He lives in a mansion. His mom and dad are mad because they have too many children. The rest of the family is just crazy!


Steve is an NBA player! He has 18 championships with the Miami heat. He loves basketball! He also plays football, lacrosse, and swimming. He loves ice cream, pizza, subway, and chick-Fil-a.

Steve's favorite things