Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of December 7th and December 14th

Important Dates


Hour of Code Week

Rolayne to DO- AM

9:00 PTO Board Meeting


1:1 Inquiry Training

5th to Midway

Stephanie to Principal Council

3:15 Yoga in the MPR

3:15 Garden Club


SMUSD Admin Training in MPR

9:00 Shadow a Tiger- 1st grade

2:30 SME Staff Meeting- Room TBD


1st to JAL

8:45 Principal Coffee Chat with families- MPR

2:00 Food Pantry


3:15 Student Council Meeting


SST day

8:45 Flag for 4th and 5th

1st grade to Safari Park

Lyon/Chapman to Stone Farms

12/12 SME Holiday Party (we hope you all can make it!!)


Chris Minkoff Admin Intern-all week

2:15 ELAC Board Meeting


5th to Midway

6-9 am Pancake Breakfast at Civic Center for Boys and Girl's Club

9:00 Stephanie to DO

3:15 Garden Club


Lyon/Chapman Exhibition's in MPR

2:30 PLC Meetings


Last day for Food Drive


Student of the Month Flag

Music Performances at Flag

ID2 Exhibition in MPR

11:30-Duenas/Hoffman in MPR

12:55 Early DIsmissal

Tiger Tid-Bits

-Congrats to Suzie Willis for getting a Donorschoose grant fully funded!

-Jade Machado had her students present on their passions- way to go 2nd graders. Some passions they researched were, Tigers, How to Make Slime, Tsunamis, Burj Kalifa and Firefighters.

-A HUGE thank you to Ana Hallman for writing our Gold Ribbon Application. We have applied to be a Gold Ribbon Recipient for 2016. Cross your fingers as our school is so deserving of this award!

-Welcome to Emilio, our new sub custodian, who is replacing Jack until he is better. Also, Job our night custodian is now full time with us at SME.


-Student Council Food Drive is taking place now until Dec. 17th. Please encourage those who can donate to do so this next week or so.

-Hour of Code is this week! If you register you can be one of the thousands of teachers who are involved in this event. Please join us on Dec. 10th between 10-12 for POWER HOUR.

-We are thinking of a new plan for a trash solution outside. We are considering asking students by classroom to help pick up trash during different days of the week. We are hoping that this will encourage students to be proud of our school and pick up after themselves.

-Coming soon- more information on our Go For the Gold. We have your responses from the survey, they were very helpful-thank you! We have one more step in our information gathering stage, which is to survey a select group of students. We will survey kids in the next week or so and then make some decisions about how to move forward in the best interest for our awesome kids!

-Please consider eating breakfast at the Civic Center on Dec. 15th to support our local Boys and Girls Club. The cost is only %5.00, it is cheaper than IHOP! See Francisco for tickets. You are aromatically entered into a raffle when you purchase a ticket.



Genius Hour

Liberating Genius in the Classroom is a free, day-by-day lesson plan for the first 20 days of implementing genius hour. Soon we will also offer a student “Genius Notebook” so students can record their reflections on the lessons and easily share them with each other and you

STEM Grant

Have an idea for a STEM activity and want it funded? Try this grant.

Coming Soon- The Great Kindness Challenge at SME in January

Need Tech Ideas or Support?