By: Blain Upshaw

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Founder and Date

Muhammad was the founder of the religion "Islam". He was born in 570 A.D. in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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World Map of where Islam is currently practiced

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Basic Practices of Islam

Their basic practices consist of Prayer, Fasting, and Pilgrimage to Makka
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Mosques, the worship building of the Islams

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Sacred Text

The "Quran" and the "Hadith" are the sacred texts of Islam
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What does Islam believe about?

Creation- The "Quran" teaches a six day creation, almost the same as in Christianity, but there are a few different things.

Sins- The penalty for sins in Islam is death, and it is recognized that everyone sins.

Heaven and Hell- they believe in both

Rich and Poor- Islam is more geared to the poorer populous

Salvation- want you to live a life that is pleasing to Allah to gain a spot in Paradise

Marriage- they allow marriage like Christianity.

Abortion- they allow it, but it depends how many months you are pregnant.