Wanted Poster GOLD



Gold is wanted for being to shiny,Making a guy poor for being a bad investment,Natural element.Pick your prize, oh wait, your only get one prize a penny.

Description of Gold

  • Element Name: Gold or Au

  • Atomic Number: 79

  • Atomic Mass Number: 196.967 or 197 (About)

  • Number of Proton: 79

  • Number of Neutrons:118

  • Number of electrons: 79

  • Number of Valence Electrons: 1

  • Group/Family Number:11

  • Group/Family Name: Transition Metals

  • Type of element: Gold is a metal

  • Chemical Properties/Reactivity Of The Element: Gold is very non-reactive

  • Where is gold found? Gold wild deep under ground drilled up/mined to get.