Inclusive Housing

Comparing Punggol and Tiong Bahru's estates

Affordable Housing

Based on our interviews with the residents in Tiong Bahru, the housings price in Tiong Bahru is not as affordable as Punggol's. Many of the residents that our group interviewed with, mentioned that there aren't enough basic needs for the price they paid for the flat, making it not reasonable ( it cost around $650,000 for a 900sqft while Punggol's cost around $400,000) As compared to Punggol, Punggol has numerous retail shopping centres that have a lot of facilities that includes services, gyms, food court, etc.

Examples of Inclusive Housing

Facilities & Amenities for all ages

Based on our trip to Tiong Bahru, there are not much facilities and amenities such as parks and shops. There aren't enough adult fitness corner and wellness stations for the needs of the seniors. As compared to Punggol, Punggol has numerous of 3G ( 3 - Generation ) facilities that includes playgrounds for the youngs , adult fitness corner for the adults and the wellness stations for the elders.

Strong Sense of Place & Belonging

Comparing the pictures above it, Tiong Bahru has a strong sense of place & belonging. Due to its unique features(spiral staircase) that can help to remember the place easier and have better memory of the place. As for Punggol, the buildings are ordinary and does not have much special features of the buildings.