Cheap Texas Land- Come on Down!

Why not join Austin's colony?

Rich, fertile land- great for farming!

There are plenty of trees, plenty of rainfall, and plenty of wild game... There's everything you need to start a great new life! Even better, the entire colony is well removed from the Comanches, so there's one less thing you have to worry about in your busy lives.

And for only pennies, too- this land sells at only 12.5 cents an acre. Compared to the United States price of land, which is $1.25, this is positively incredible!

-How much land you can buy-

  1. Individuals can get 640 acres of land.
  2. Wives can get an additional 320 acres of land.
  3. Children will get an addition 160 acres of land each.

Come on- right here between the Colorado and Brazos rivers in Texas, there's some of the best land you'll ever find.