South Carolina

Proprietary of Property!

The first settlers of South Carolina arrived in Charles Town in 1670. Charles Town is now presently Charleston. The Spanish claim that they had been there first, but it was inhabited by mission Indians, mission Indians were Indians who converted to Catholicism. Charles Town had great climate and fertile soil, leaving it to have a 295 growing year!
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As we unboard the ship, we had learned that we had settled at a place called Charles Town. Everything seemed to be great, it was perfect farmland, which was what my family did for work. There was much opportunity for trade given to us by the Indians. We had many different tribes pay visits to us interested in negotiating trade deals. We also had fellow Europeans interested in trying to control the Indians way of trade with us. There was a particular tribe that offered Indian slaves as there trade. Making us, the Carolina colony, the first to introduce them. It was not much longer after that he Westo Wars began, allowing us to try to rid of European competition. Much of the violence, however, seemed to be between the Indians. The violence led to an increase in the slave trade. During the Yamasee Wards we lost many men due to our selfishness. We turned our back in one of our reliable trading tribes. Dooming us to loose leading our colony.
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Of The People: A History of The United States Volume 1: To 1877 2nd Edition