Jay Savsani

Founder of Mealshare

Jay's Upbringing

Jay Savsani has Indian heritage. As a child, he ate his mother's traditional Indian Food, and loved it. As he grew older, his mother began to teach him these recipes, and Jay began to cook. He started to believe that people come together over food.

The Food he would serve you at a Mealshare.

What is Mealshare?

Mealshare is a website where strangers come together through food. The idea is simple. You can look at a person's profile. Determine if they seem "pretty chill" , as Jay would say. Then, you can either invite that person or persons to a meal at your home, or you can see if they would like to host. You can even invite Jay! He has hosted 33, and attended 91!

Mealshare Quote

"Meal Sharing brings people together over home cooked meals. Our mission is to build communities through shared resources, facilitate deeper cultural exchange, and encourage people to cook at home to enable a healthier lifestyle.

We want to make it possible for people, who otherwise would probably never meet, to get together and have a good time over food. We want to make that experience safe and enriching for everyone involved."

My Opinion

Overall, the idea of strangers eating at your house does seem a little scary, but I think that once people do a few meal shares, it becomes an eye opening experience every time. Every time you share a meal you make a new friend, maybe get hired for that job you've always wanted, who knows? Mealshare also provides a healthy dinner. If you are hosting a meal, you would probably want to impress your guest and cook healthily. Mealshare is a great idea.