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LVJH Weekly Bulletin 9/4/2015

Go Bears Go!

Dear LVJHS Family,

Thank you all for a wonderful week. The LVJHS Administrative Team completed many classroom walk throughs this week. A lot of learning is taking place in our classrooms. Witnessing students learn is enlightening and enjoyable; but, more importantly, it puts our students in the best possible possible to be successful and achieve. Your commitment to delivering great instruction drives student success! I am proud of our implementation of the Fundamental Five and its positive impact on our campus culture. Keep utilizing the Fundamental Five Practices with fidelity: Frequent Small Group Purposeful Talk; Lesson Frames; Critical Writing; Power Zone (teaching); and, Recognize and Reinforce...

LVJHS Educators are outstanding! Thank you all for making LVJHS a great place for students!

Anthony Kosub


La Vernia Junior High School

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Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Jackie Thoms

From a staff member: We are proud to announce Mrs. Thoms as our staff spotlight for the week! Mrs. Thoms does a wonderful job implementing creativity within her lessons, collaborating with others, and greeting all of her students with a smile every time they enter her room! She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and we are proud to have her as part of our Junior High Team! Great job Mrs. Thoms!
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Fundamental Five Focus...

Small group purposeful talk (SGPT) when done even moderately well can elevate lessons into the higher orders of Bloom’s Taxonomy of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This teaching technique allows the students to use the academic vocabulary in a directed instructionally based conversation. I challenge you to try to work this method into your classroom instruction this week by asking at least two seed questions per class period.

First Nine Weeks at a Glance

o August 24, 2015: First Day of School

o September 3, 2015: LVJHS Volleyball vs Yoakum (8th grade @ HOME)

o September 7, 2015: Labor Day - Holiday

o September 10, 2015: PEP RALLY * LVJHS Football vs La Grange (8th grade @ HOME)

o September 14, 2015: LVJHS Volleyball vs Cuero (7th/8th grade @ HOME)

o September 14, 2015: Progress Report grades due by 8:00AM

o September 15, 2015: Student Staff Pictures (English Classes)

o September 15, 2015: LVJHS OPEN HOUSE

o September 16, 2015: Sem 1 Cycle 1 (3wk) Progress Reports will be Issued

o September 17, 2015: LVJHS Football vs Somerset (8th grade @ HOME)

o September 29, 2015: PTO Meeting @ 9:00AM

o October 1, 2015: Pep Rally * LVJHS Football vs Navarro (7th grade @ HOME)

o October 5, 2015: Progress Report grades due by 8:00AM; Aim for Success Parent

Preview at HS Cafeteria 6-7 PM

o October 6, 2015: Aim for Success Student Program

o October 7, 2015: Progress Reports will be Issued

o October 12, 2015: Columbus Day – H Holiday

o October 15, 2015: LVJHS Football vs Cuero (7th/8th grade @ HOME)

o October 23, 2015: End of 1st 9 Weeks

o Ooctober 23, 2015: Grades are Due for 1st 9 wk Report Card by 4:30PM

o October 26, 22015: LVJHS Volleyball vs Mountain Valley (7th/8th grade @ HOME)

o October 29, 2015: LVJHS Football vs Pleasanton (7/8th grade @ HOME)

o October 30, 2015: Early Release/Staff Development

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LVJHS Staff: What an awesome group of people!