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It's GREAT to be back in the building!

I want to thank Melba, Steve, Alison & Mandy for holding down the fort while I was out this week! I appreciate everyone's patience. I am thrilled that next week I am at Sequiota every day (but a half day on Friday)! Here are some reminders for this week and upcoming dates.
  • Map testing is coming up! On Tuesday at the staff meeting you will get the "specials switch" schedule for MAP testing, we appreciate everyone's flexibility during testing times!
  • Jennifer and I will finalize an iReady testing schedule on Monday morning-and you will receive that Tuesday as well.
  • REMINDER: Appy Hour is Monday at 4:30 at Glendale! Several of you have already RSVP'd-today is the deadline, make sure you get registered!
  • Book Fair is next week-library will meet in the makerspace.
  • Bus Evacuation Drills are Wednesday beginning at 9:00 a.m.-Melba will call you down.
  • Spring Pictures are Thursday along with TST DATA DAY! Alison will be sending a schedule-please bring data to support the interventions you have been implementing with your students.
  • MVP & Pictures due on Friday
  • We are still working on hiring and hopefully will have 2 teachers to announce next Friday! Stay tuned....
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On Tuesday, Brenda and I will be coming to your classroom to talk to your students about Explore! Brenda is our Explore Liaison and this is a task that was given to us. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we know this is short notice, spontaneous and on a WINGS day. We will be brief and try to keep it to around 10 minutes.
Sequiota School Calendar

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Check out this resource that you will have NEXT YEAR! Pebble Go is great for K-2 and will read the articles to students! This is a great PBL resource!

A GREAT Resource for Upper Grades! Copy and paste an article you want students to read and it will make the article easier for your students to read! Check it out!


Linda Pawlowski...where to begin! Linda is one of the most positive people I know! Linda truly puts her students first and after MANY years of teaching is STILL learning! Linda is a life-long learner and so are her students! Each week that I'm in Linda's classroom I see something new! Linda is truly a teacher/learner at heart. Linda is organized, a great communicator and truly builds relationships with her students. Linda goes above and beyond....Linda wrote a grant and received iPads for her class as well as innovative flexible seating! Linda is always seeking ways to improve and is a team player and collaborates with colleagues often! Linda is best at obtaining student input. Everything Linda does in her classroom is driven by students. Linda is creative and constantly coming up with new ways to teach things. Linda is driven and determined to make sure she remains on the cutting edge of education! We are going to miss you Linda! Thank you for giving us a little sunshine every single day!

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine

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