Draft Lessons

Class systems and argumentative writing

Argumentative writing piece on drilling for oil.

SW create arguments for or against drilling for oil.

Common core aligned standard :

Writing arguments


What do you know about drilling for oil?

TPS and class share outs

Mini lesson:

Teacher will give refresher not the importance of supporting our opinions.

As a class we will review sources.

Refresher on format and rubric of argumentative

Ted talk reminder

Thinglink tutorial video


Ideas for thinglink - Work on thinglink if technology is available.


create a thinglink


- discussing common topic


-Interdisciplinary (Science topic)

-Argumentative graphic organizers

-Sentence starters

Argumentative writing support synopsis

I chose thinglink for the essay because I think it will help students organize their ideas and have all their sources in one place. This can be used to enhance instruction because both teachers and students can see the sources and comment on them. If a source is found to be "no good" it can be caught before the writing without a student having to print sources and bring them in.

Understanding class systems for "Pygmalion"

SW attain information on social class in preparation for analyzing the themes in "Pygmalion."

The goal of this lesson is to help students understand class systems and social class. This is a huge theme in "Pygmalion" and it is important for students to completely understand things about social and economic class to get the most out of the play.

Common core standard

Motivation - What do you know about class and class systems? TPS


Video explaining class

Non fiction reading on class and or social class - leveled for students speak to social studies (interdisciplinary) teacher if need be. (Differentiation leveled articles and video)

Possibly jig saw using different articles.

Students will discuss article with each other then share out in class.

London pictures (Pygmalion takes place in England)

Group work:

Ideas to create a voki that represents one of the classes they read about.


Post onto Padlet your thought on class systems today. Stay anonymous to your peers and use the google form to tell me about your post.

Support synopsis

For this lesson I chose student to create a voki that represents someone from a class they read about. I think it's something they can have fun with without having to put themselves out there by acting it out. The Padlet posts will hopefully be interesting because students can remain anonymous. Class can be a touchy subject to comment on. I want students to be able to share their thought without feeling embarrassed about anything. I hope this will enhance instruction by getting the students really thinking and "talking" about class. To use these technologies students will need basic internet skills.
A Nation of Tribes: How Social Class Divides Us - People Like Us episode #1