The Founding of Ancient Rome

By Hunter Rivera


There are a lot of myths concerning the founding of Rome but there is one myth that is often told more often than others. That myth is about two twin demigod brothers named Romulus and Remus.
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Map of Ancient Rome

Who was Rome founded by?

According to legend, Rome was founded by two twin demi god brothers named Romulus and Remus on April 21 of the year 753 B.C. It is said that there as an argument between the two brothers about who would be able to rule the city and in a result, Romulus killed Remus and named the city after himself.
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Romulus and Remus; Romulus on the left and Remus on the right

Early Life of Romulus and Remus

When Romulus and Remus were babies, they were abandoned by their parents and put into a basket that was placed into the the Tiber River. The basket ran ashore and Romulus and Remus were discovered by a female wolf. The wolf helped out Romulus and Remus by nursing them for a short period of time until they were found by a shepherd. The shepherd then brought up the twins.
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Romulus and Remus found by the Wolf

Romulus and Remus Growing Up

When Romulus and Remus grew to be adults, they both decided to found a city where the wolf had found them. Both the brothers had an argument about where the site should be ad Remus ended up being killed by Romulus. This meant that the one and only founder of this new city was Romulus and later named it Rome after him.

How Did Romulus and Remus Survive With These Animals?

When Romulus and Remus were found by the female wolf, they were lucky enough to be sent down the river safely. When they arrived, the wolf had nursed them and a woodpecker fed them. After a while a shepherd and his wife found them and took good care of them and treated them like normal shepherds.

Romulus and Remus as Adults

When Romulus and Remus were fully grown, they found out their true birth of what happened to their real parents. They found out that their parents had abandoned them. When they found this out, they killed their father.


It was then settled that Romulus is now the founder of Rome. Both brothers had an argument and had to fight each other to see who would be the one and only founder of Rome. Romulus came out winning the battle and claims that he was now the founder of Rome. He named Rome after himself.