The Land of Smiles

An overview

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It borders the Andaman Sea along with the Gulf of Thailand, and the southeast side of Burma. The weather is a tropical warm paradise, although monsoons occur between the month of May through November.

How to fit in


Nearly all of the population speaks Thai, but some may speak Burmese or another language as well.


  • When you visit Thailand you may notice that people greet each other with a prayer like gesture, they are just simply saying hello in their culture.
  • In Thailand it is wrong to point you're feet at another person.
  • Books are seen as important items, so don't slide them across a table or set them on the ground.
  • It is important to remove shoes before entering another persons home.


  • Do NOT disrespect the foreign family in anyway, they are highly respected in their culture.
  • Always treat Monks with the highest respect possible.
  • Always dress properly when visiting a religious place such as a shrine or temple.


  • The religion of Buddhism is highly beloved in their culture.
  • Family is also sacred, extended family's tend to live with each other even at an old age.
  • People from Thailand love a sense of humor, its knows as Sanuk.

More about their culture


Hitler chic

Hitler chic is a popular style among the youth in Thailand. They wear printed tees with cartoons representing Hitler; examples include Hitler as Ronald Mcdonald with bright ruby hair. They wear these shirts for humor purposes only, not to admire Hitler.


This may seem like a common subculture today, but it originated from Thailand. The term Ladyboys refers to men that transform themselves into women, with the help of hormones and surgery. The reason this occurrence is more common in Thailand is because their religion, Buddhism, doesn't care what happens to the human body, they are more involved in the spiritual aspect of the situation.

Culture Landscape

  • Thailand was under an absolute monarchy until 1932, then it was under a constitutional monarchy. Around the same time, Its original name was "Siam" but it was later changed to Thailand.
  • This country is divided into four regions known as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Many people live along the center region known as the "Central Thai".

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion

Early on Indian merchants carried the belief of Buddhism with them when they traveled. When they settled this idea began to spread throughout Asia, and they began adapting Hindu texts, priests, and building shrines.

Evidence of Culture change

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