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September 16, 2022

Upcoming Dates

  • September 21 Spicer's Orchard Field Trip
  • October 25 Tuesday Lifetouch School Pictures offered at Oakland Schools 1PM-6PM Sign up forthcoming.

Join VLAC at Spicer's!

Next week on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 11AM, VLAC will be heading to Spicer’s Apple Orchard! There is still room in our registration, so please click the link to register below: https://bit.ly/3RJ86vf. Space is limited so secure your spot today! :)

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Educational Development Plans (EDP's)

EDP’s are required by the state for all learners. This is a fun, beginning of the school year goal-setting and career planning activity. You will learn more about yourself as a learner and your learning styles. Students in grades K-12 will be using a program called Xello to complete their EDP lessons. You will login to Xello using the following link: https://login.xello.world/ The username and password are the same as your student Gmail account. Your mentor teacher will share information regarding EDP’s in your Google Classroom. Reach out to your mentor teacher with any questions.

Exciting News About IReady K-8

This year we purchased reading and math instruction licenses for Grades K-8. I am very excited to offer this opportunity for advancement and reteaching for our students. The iReady Fall diagnostic provides valuable data on student current performance and helps us celebrate growth during the school year.Performance on the fall diagnostic informs the instruction lessons available to students. We want a true picture of what each student knows and families should not help students answer questions. However, families can stress

  • "showing what you know" is important;
  • focus on working hard and taking time on each question;
  • provide breaks if learners show signs of disengagement;
  • and the test should be taken under distraction free environments so learners can focus and do their best.

Progress Updates

This school year one of our goal is to provide families, learners, and enrolling school districts with regular updates on student progress. In our busy lives sometimes it is not always easy to remember to log into Calvert and Lincoln and see how your learners are progressing. To that end, we plan to send progress updates every few weeks starting with the week of September 26th. The progress update will reflect student progress from the date of their enrollment to the end of next week.

The snapshot of progress sent to you is meant to inform healthy and supportive family conversations with learners. It is our hope that you use the information in a positive way to celebrate the accomplishments of goals or establish new goals for the coming weeks. Some students may find they need to calibrate their pacing differently to remain on pace. We encourage families to embrace a growth mindset and use grades as a picture of where students are at in time versus a judgment of their intelligence. If your learner falls short of the goals you collaboratively established, we encourage you to focus on hard work and implementing planning tools such as prioritized task lists, timers, and pacing guides.

Families who make the choice to learn virtually do so for a variety of reasons. We understand that flexibility is one of the reasons our families and students choose this learning experience. Progress checks are not meant to limit the flexibility of virtual learning. We encourage families to temper any conversations with the balance of your family lifestyle and schedule. Several of our learners experienced delays in being able to log into their online classes and in receiving technology and understanding that will be reflected in the progress check.


Technology offered to each family differs by grade levels. The following are available by grade levels. If at any time you want to update your technology package please email Dr. McKay.

  • Grades K-3: Chromebook, chromebook case, printer, ink, paper, hot spot.
  • Grades 4-5: Chromebook, printer, ink, paper, hot spot.
  • Grades 6-12: Chromebook, hot spot, head phones.
  • Please note that any family Grades 6-12 who believe their learner would benefit from a printer email Dr. McKay with the request.

Returning families who need ink: technology services is providing us with a list of returning families who may need ink. Once we have that list we will email you directly to see if you need an ink order placed.

Technology Support Service Desk

If you are not returning to VLAC next year please make an appointment with technology services to turn in equipment. Click here to create a service desk request. Service desk hours are 7AM-5PM Monday-Thursday. You can also email: osservicedesk@oakland.k12.mi.us or call at 248-209-2060

Contact the VLAC Team

Amanda McKay, Ph.D. Director VLAC 248-804-4366

Andrea Becker VLAC Lead Instructor 248-209-2079

Tina Bennett: VLAC Project Assistant 248-209-2071

Mary Kotcher: VLAC Office Assistant 248-209-2071

Technology Support: 248-209-2060