Tim Capazzi

C of C - Early Childhood Education Major

Why I Want To Teach

I see that there is a need for more male teachers in early elementary classrooms. Also, teaching is the "family business;" I will be the third generation of teachers in my family!

My Important People

My wife Melinda and I relocated from CT five years ago with three of our kids - Logan (12) and our twins, Kayson and Riley (6). Last year, our newest surprise came along - our little Sophia (who just turned 1 two weeks ago)! We also have 2 dogs, Gus and Coco, along with 2 new kittens, Elsa and Gizmo.

My Education Memory

I was a theater geek in high school, so we would take several trips to Broadway every year (along with more local theater presentations and workshops). I will never forget my first Broadway show, which was Les Miz. It was a spectacle along the lines of the first time I went to the movies and it helped crystallize the love of the arts for me!
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