Español 3

March 23-27

Week 10

Can you believe we are already on Week 10?

Several students and parents have asked if NCVPS has Spring Break. NCVPS has 1 day for Spring Break, Friday, April 3. If your student's school is on Spring Break, students are still expected to log-in daily and spend 90 minutes on assignments or work ahead if they have vacation plans.

Schools will be receiving students' grades from NCVPS this week for the 1st 9 weeks.

This week students are continuing to work on Unit 5, La Tecnología (Technology), lessons 3 and 4. This Friday evening, March 27, Unit 5 lessons 1 and 2 are due by 11:55PM.

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Required Live Classes for Unit 5.

Students still have 6 opportunities to attend an RLC this week for Unit 5. After attending the RLC students need to submit a copy of their notes and write a brief reflection.
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Culture Cafe for Extra Credit

Students also have an opportunity to attend a Culture Cafe for Extra Credit this week. After attending, students have to write a reflection about the presentation. There are many different types of presentations in the Culture Cafe. Students do not have to attend a Culture Cafe about Spanish. They can attend any that are offered on the calendar on the main Moodle page. If students have questions about attending a Culture Cafe or Extra Credit, please encourage them to contact me.
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Peer Tutor Center

Please encourage your student to take advantage of the Peer Tutoring Center that is available to them!
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre

336-242-8088 (cell)