Canada's Most Defining Moments

By: Sukhman

Throughout history Canada has done a lot of things that have made it's country proud and what it is today. In this presentation i will show what i think are Canada's most defining moments. Some of those moments will be The Battle of Vimy Ridge, universal health care, the Stock Market Crash and the Refugee Crisis.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Many historians and writers consider the Canadian victory at Vimy a defining moment for Canada. Canadian troops earned a reputation of being a big treat. The victory was at a terrible cost, more than 10,000 troops were killed or injured.

Canadian's Take The Victory!

The Battle began at 5:30 am on April 9th, Easter Monday. It was known as Bloody Easter. Timing and coordination were crucial. One wrong move you would kill your own men. this was the first time we saw all four Canadian Crops fight together. Around 3,600 soldiers were killed in action, and around 7,000 were injured.

The Big Picture

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was so well thought. It literally caught the German's by surprise. The preparation started months before the attack even took place. To provide greater flexibility and firepower in battle, the infantry were given specialist roles such as machine-gunners, rifle-men and grenade-throwers. These same soldiers underwent weeks of training behind the lines using models to represent the battlefield, and new maps crafted from aerial photographs to guide their way.

Why is this a Defining moment in canadian history?

It was a defining moment for Canada because all 4 Canadian divisions fought together. It was the first time they fought together and won. Also it showed how powerful the Canadians were.

Vimy Ridge Memorial

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Unveiled on July 26, 1936

The memorial was built in remembrance of the 11,285 Canadian soilders that died in the batlle of Vimy Ridge

Stock Market Crash - 1929

Economic Boom

At the end of the First World War Canada transformed from a war based full production country to a peacetime balanced supply and demand economy. This brought a slump in the economy which lasted for a shot period of time while things returned to normal.
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By 1928 the booming U.S economy was effecting the growth of Canadian business in a geographic manner. The demand for pulp and minerals was encouraging Canadian workers to move into the Northern forests and onto the Canadian shield which was a major source of nickel, copper, silver, lead, zinc, and gold. Around 300 million dollars worth of metals came out of these Northern mines in 1928 and nearly twice that amount was generated by the pulp and paper product flowing from the great Canadian forests.

The Crash!!!

As people saw the economy rise up, they started buying stocks. People were getting rich overnight. Once people got their money, they started buying all the new inventions like cars, radios, and get electricity to use there electronics. People who didn't have as much money started buying on credit.
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Threw 1920 and until 1930 everyone was buying on credit. That lead to the money not adding up and being balanced. Then on October 29, 1929 everything crashed.

Why is this a defining moment in canadian history?

The Stock Market Crash and the Economic Boom are defining moments in Canadian history because it lead to the Great Depression. After people lost all there money on the stock market they were left with nothing. They had no money, food, and jobs. You would be living a great life one day, and the next you would lose it all.

Universal Health Care in Canada

Tommy Douglas

Know as "The Father of Medicare" introduced universal health care in Canada. He was at times labelled as a "Red" and a 'communist" by his opponents, but won largely for his belief that every Canadian deserved quality health care, regardless of economic or social situation.
Tommy was born on Oct. 20, 1904 in Falkirk, Scotland. He immigrated to Canada six year later. He studied theology at Brandon Collage in 1924. When the great depression started Tommy witnessed it first hand. He saw framers unable to afford medicare for there families. He joined the Saskatchewan Labour Party in 1932, believing he could make a difference.
Tommy had been a long believer in universal health care, a belief which was born seeing framers unable to provide medical care for there families. 1959 is the year Douglas made his plan public. His plan covered every person in Saskatchewan with health care. But doctors and his political partners attacked his plan viciously.
1961 was the year the New Democratic Party rose with Tommy Douglas as it's national leader. Douglas lead the party from it's birth until 1971, he continued to serve as a MP until he retired from politics in 1979. In 1966 the Liberal party enacts a national medicare scheme which was based off the success of Tommy's Saskatchewan Medicare Plan. Tommy died of cancer at the age of 81 on Feb. 24, 1986.
In 2004 Tommy Douglas was named the Greatest Canadian of all time, by voters across Canada.

Why is this a defining moment in canadian history ?

This is a defining moment in Canadian history because if Tommy Douglas didn't come up with the plan that every Canadian deserves free health care, we would have to pay a lot of money for going to the doctor and getting medication.

Famous quote by Tommy Douglas

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Refugee Crisis

What is the Issue?

The issue is since 2011, more then 400,000 Syrians have passed away due to conflict in anti-government protesters, more then 7.6 million Syrians have been displaced, millions of Syrian refugees have fled to Turkey, and other places. Many of those seeking sanctuary have escaped the civil war in Syria which is entering its fifth year and has no end in sight. Some major problems have come up, it snowed on January 1st in the middle east so now people are going to need shelter, food, and other things to survive.

Canada’s response to the conflict in Syria?

Since the start of the Syrian uprising in March of 2011, Canada has worked to support the Syrian people. The conflict in Syria has triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. The United Nations have estimated that nearly 13.5 million people in Syria need help. Canada has given generously to support the Syrian people. To date, Canada has given over 969 million dollars in humanitarian, development and security assistance in response to the Syria crisis.

What has canada done to help?

To help the Syrian refugees Canada has given over 969 million dollars in response to the crisis. Since electing Justin Trudeau, Canada has brought in over 10,000 Syrian refugees and has given them shelter, education, and jobs to help them settle in.

Why is this a defining moment in Canadian history?

This is a defining moment in Canadian history because its shows the world how nice, generous, greeting, peaceful, and not raciest Canada is. America has said no to taking in refugees in because of attacks, Canada is showing that they are not judging a "book by it's cover".