TraditionalBiotech vs ModernBiotech

we will discuss the differences between the two.

Traditional biotechnology examples

Biotechnology in the traditional methods are mostly things like selective breeding domestication, and crop changes over generations.

Traditional biotechnology uses

traditional biotechnology was used by the aztechs and other ancient races for purposes such as creating bigger crops and livestock. the thing is with biotechnology no genetic engineering is required not even equipment is needed all you need is to select the trait from an animal you want to replicate and breed or plant their seeds or offspring. Tldr: anyone can use traditional biotechnology.

Traditional biotechnology (in case you wanted to know more) and modern biotechnology videos.

The Birth of Modern Biotechnology

Frequently asked questions about biotechnology (traditional and modern)

q: what is the difference?

@one is made through breeding and fermentation (natural without machines) the other (modern) is done with machines and manipulating genes.

q:how are they used?

@modern is used through making genetic fixes such as creating insulin genes for diabetes

( an article for reading about it.

traditional isn't used a great deal anymore but it is still used for cheese making yogurt and other foods.

Modern biotechnology

modern biotechnology is done through genetic manipulation the creation of pharmaceuticals and many other great appliances and uses. (it is still being explored what can truly be done with modern biotechnology)
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