True Colors blue

Dominic Pezzino

Overview of My Color

I agree with my color. I am a very courageous person. I am a athletic and helpful. I am courageous person because I am not afraid to step down from a challenge. I am athletic because I play football and basketball. I am helpful because I help out around the house.

Childhood and Relationships

I disagree with this for my childhood because I fit in easily and i was not sensitive to what people told me. I disagree with relationships because I don't like relationships that much.
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At Work and Leadership Style

I agree with my color for at work and leadership style because I have a strong desire to influence others. I also know to respect others. I also motivate and interact with others.
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Symptoms of a Bad Day

I do not agree with my color for symptoms of a bad day because i do not cry just because of a bad day I'm having. I also do not go into a trance. i also do not start screaming and through a fit.
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Thoughts About My Color

I mostly agree with my color because the ones that fit me best for my colors where my overview, at work and leadership style. The job that fit my personality type the best was a Champion. My color could affect me at work by making the people around me more productive.