Mrs. Poliszczuk's First Grade Class

Weekly Update

December 18, 2015

This week in reading, students compared and contrasted two folktales, The Nice Mitten, by Anna Vojtech and The Mitten, by Jan Brett. Students then wrote their own version, choosing a new setting, a lost object, characters that belong in that setting and a clear beginning, middle and end.

In phonics, students practiced reading and writing words with the soft c sound as in cent and tracing and words that have the /j/ sound, spelled ge and dge as in cage and fudge. Students also identified present, past and future verbs and practiced using commas when writing a sentence with three or more nouns or verbs.

In math, students played a game called "missing numbers" where they used patterns on the hundreds chart to help identify the numbers their partner covered. Students practiced counting from 1-100 and filled in the missing numbers on a hundreds chart. Students also completed an activity called "How Big Are Our Feet?" Students traced their foot and then used inch tiles, shells, rods, cubes and counters to find how many of each object was needed to cover the area of their foot. Students completed the Unit 3 assessment today.

In Science, students had fun using a magnet to explore materials to find which items could be moved by magnets. Students learned that metals with iron in them can be moved by magnets. Students also identified objects in daily life that use electrical outlets and batteries in order to work. Finally, we discussed ways students can save electricity. Ask your child for ways they can help save electricity at home.

Winter Party and Spirit Week

Our winter party will be on Tuesday, December 22nd, from 12:45-1:45. Thank you in advance for your donations and time!

Monday 12/21- Holiday Colors

Tuesday 12/22- Holiday Socks

Wednesday 12/23- PJs