Gower News

January 28, 2016

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Literacy Update

Do you want to hear what we did in Daily 5 this week? We did a lot of things this week. We learned about Humorous Fiction. An example of a Humorous Fiction book is Officer Buckle and Gloria. We learned about cause and effect. Also we do Morning work every day. We go to the library every Monday and we can check out three books. We do reading groups every day at the back table. Every week we write are Weekend News. We are learning about abbreviations. In our writing handbook we write about Persuasive Letters. Working in small groups, we put together compound words and typed them onto the app Pic Collage. Then, we put pictures to match them. It’s been a very busy week during Daily 5.

Math Update

We have been working on Xtramath and word problems during math. Word problems are problems like-There were twelve cats in the kitchen. Eight of them ate cat food how many cats don't eat? That is an example of a word problem. Xtramath is helping us know our math facts and we all get good scores, but if you guess the answer you won't get a good score. Green is a good color. If you get a green score you sign the affirmation chart. Yellow is good too and red is bad. We almost do not have any people who get. There are levels and the levels are Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication,and Division. Then once you complete those you can complete them at a faster speed. If you finish that you are completely finished with Xtramath. An example for Xtramath would be 9+19=28.

Things Going on in our Art Class

We have art in the beginning of the day on Wednesday. In art we do a lot of activities like learn about other famous artists. Once we know style, then we try it. Then if we finish our project we have extra art. During this we trace and draw. The boys make masks, and the girls trace Olaf & other cute things. Art is a fun class.

Interview with Mrs. Nigro

Which state do you live in? Answer: Pennsylvania. When was your birthday? Answer: October 7. When you were a little girl, which area did you live in? Answer: A Rural called Milton. What is your favorite color? Answer: Blue. What is your dad’s name? Answer: Gary. Do you have any siblings? Answer: One sister- named Sally. What was your second grade teacher’s name? Answer: Mrs. Stahl. What was the name of your school? Answer: White Deer Elementary School. What is your favorite food? Answer: Pizza. What was your favorite grade? Answer: 3rd grade.What is your favorite song? Answer: If I Could Only Imagine.