Americans Coming, Conflict Erupting

Mexican Govt. to Allow Americans to Buy Property on Coast


Mexico lost nearly half of its property from the war with the United States that ended in 1848. Currently, the Mexican constitution prohibits foreigners to own land within 60 miles from its international borders and within 30 miles from its coasts. Recently, to spur economic development, Mexico has been debating over whether or not they should remove these restrictions.

War of Mexico

The War of Mexico started with the annexation of Texas. It all started on March 1, 1845 when President John Tyler signed a Congressional Resolution to annex Texas. On June 16, 1845, The Texas Congress finally accepted the US offer of Annexation but there was a problem. Come July 4, 1845, Mexico still did not recognize that Texas was their own and had their independence. They did not recognize that Texas was now part of the US either. This is when Polk orders General Zachary Taylor and Commodore David Conner to assemble army in Corpus Christi, Texas and a squadron in the Gulf of Mexico.During James K. Polk’s presidency, in December 1845, during his annual address, he now released the idea to the idea about the US having to go to forced war with Mexico. During January of 1846, Taylor was ordered to report to the Rio Grande and Conner to Veracruz. Taylor continued to march through disputed territory south past the Nueces River on his way. In April, General Mariano Arista sent cavalry across the Rio Grande and surrounded the Americans. Polk received a letter in May of that year from Taylor stating that “hostiles have commenced.” Congress then declares war on Mexico. July 1846 declared the independence of California and the pledge to the US with the work of Commodore John Sloat. Many many battles later, after Mexico had already refused multiple times to sign peace treaties or gave insufficient terms, The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was finally signed. By March 10, 1848, it was ratified by the US Senate and by the Mexican Congress on May 25. The war was finally over and on new terms, Mexico had lost much of their land.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

In American history Americans have taken a lot of land because of their belief in “Manifest Destiny” and have, in the past, taken Mexican’s land and diluted our culture. Now, they are trying to get our shores and areas near the border for something along the lines of a “lifelong vacation”. This land will not be used by Americans to assimilate into our culture or live alongside our people, but quite the opposite. They will eventually keep moving and make our culture less prominent, to the point of living near the border and moving boundaries deeper into Mexico. Then, just like during the War of Mexico, take land before it is even addressed because they are already living there. Our people would be forcefully shut out of the area, and all that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo has done to try and make borders and satisfy the Americans is not enough, because they just keep wanting more of our land. If we let them keep taking our culture rich areas, eventually everyone will be using our land that is so dear to us for leisure life and maybe even renting it out instead of having true people of our country live there and commute with their fellow people. In the long run, this may hurt our way of life and create segregation of communities between Mexicans and Americans.

The Settlement of Texas

In 1492, Spain owned a large amount of North America, including Texas . The Spanish government tried to attract Spanish settlers to Texas to maintain control of the area. Very few people came until Moses Austin was given permission by the Spanish government to start a colony in Texas as long as they follow Spanish law. After Moses died, his son Stephen took over and eventually Mexico won it’s independence from Spain. However, the Mexican government said that Stephen’s settlers would have to become mexican citizens and members of the Roman Catholic church to settle here. Some families settled here but Americans quickly started to rebel, saying that they didn’t want to learn the Spanish language or follow the mexican laws and very few of them converted to the Catholic religion. The Mexican government responded by closing the state to further American immigration and had the current residents pay taxes for the first time. The Americans didn’t like these changes and they began speaking about revolting and breaking away from Mexico. When this happened, the Mexican government captured Stephen Austin causing the Americans to revolt. This led to the Fight for the Alamo and the Battle at San Jacinto. In the Battle at San Jacinto, more than half the mexican army was killed. Santa Anna was forced to sign a treaty giving Texas its freedom. With the Battle of San Jacinto,Texas was now an independent country. In 1836, Texas declared itself the Lone Star Republic. Some people wanted Texas to be a part of America, but some were afraid that it would become a slave state or a war with Mexico. However, Texas joined North America and was a fully American state.

Texas War of Independence

The purchase of land on the Mexican coastlines being insulting is understandable. They have been through a lot. In the Texas War for Independence more than half of the Mexican army was killed. The Mexicans were friendly enough to let some of the Texans become citizens and live there, but the Americans did not want to follow Mexican rules and convert to Catholicism. The Mexicans also did not want slavery to be a part of their living style. The Americans however wanted slaves and revolted. This made the Mexicans and the Texans to have a war of Texas Independence. The Texans ended up winning the war and their independence. The Mexicans lost the war but they didn't have to worry about the Texans disobeying. It is understandable that they would not want to go through with that again.


The War of Mexico had made the Mexicans give up much of their land because of getting beaten in battle after battle. The Treaty of Gudalupe Hildago was signed to give the Americans their land and allow us to keep what we had left. It was made to separate us. Texas started this whole mess and went against us anyway. Between the settlement and the war to break away to the Americans, it reeked havoc. Why should we go against that now when it was working well for many years? Why should we give up more of our land to the people who had made our country smaller in the first place? This is Mexican land. We should be able to have our land available to us.