The Orphan Train

By: Jake Ashenfelter

What is the Orphan Train?

The Orphan Train was a program from 1853-1929 that brought little boys and girls that did not have mommies or daddies and they brought them on a train to the West where they were put into a foster home.

Who were these Orphans?

Most Orphan Train riders were kids up to 18 years old that lived in New York City. Most of these children had little to no hope for success.

Where did they come from/Where did they go?

Most Orphan Riders came from either New York or Boston.

Orphan Riders ended up in various different situations. They were taken West, where some of them were given the opportunity of having a loving family, but others were just forced to work.

How were orphan riders treated?

Depending on the situation, orphan riders were treated in different ways. Some riders were given a very good experience and were given shelter, food and a loving family. Others were basically treated like slaves and had to work for basic needs.
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