Week of May 1

Welcome to the weekly newsletter for Tison Middle School! The goal for this newsletter is to provide information on Tison programs, activities, and events for students, parents, and our community.

I always appreciate feedback so if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me at lgreer@weatherfordisd.com. Thanks!


Leah Greer

TMS Library Media Specialist



Monday, May 1 -- All DR. NOTES for prior absences due to Ms. Riney (Tison front office)

Wednesday, May 3 -- ALGEBRA EOC Exam (for 8th graders taking Algebra 1)

Thursday, May 4 -- Tison Band Spring Concert (all bands) @ Durant Auditorium (6:30 PM)

Thursday, May 4 -- FC TISON Round #6 @ Tison (Games at 4:00 & 4:50)


Monday, May 8 -- STAAR Mathematics (7th grade & 8th grade re-testers)

Monday, May 8 -- WHS Colorguard Experience Camp @ WHS (5 PM - 7 PM)

Tuesday, May 9 -- STAAR Reading (7th grade & 8th grade re-testers)

Tuesday, May 9 -- WHS Colorguard Experience Camp @ WHS (5 PM - 7 PM)

Wednesday, May 10 -- STAAR Science (8th grade only)

Wednesday, May 10 -- WHS Colorguard Experience Camp @ WHS (5 PM - 7 PM)

Thursday, May 11 -- STAAR Social Studies (8th grade only)

Wednesday, May 11 -- WHS Colorguard Experience Camp @ WHS (5 PM - 7 PM)

Saturday, May 13 -- SOLO FESTIVAL for all Tison band students @ Tison (9 AM - 12 PM)


Monday, May 15 -- Tison Library Celebration Bash @ the library (3:45 PM to 4:30 PM)

Thursday, May 18 -- Tison Awards Day (more details to follow)

Thursday, May 18 -- NJHS Banquet in the Tison Cafeteria (6:00 PM)

Friday, May 19 -- Tison Band/Choir Trip to Six Flags

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Arena Scheduling for Incoming NGC Students


I will conduct an informational meeting about Arena Scheduling with the 8th grade students on Monday, May 15th. The official start and end dates for NGC Arena Scheduling follows:

    • May 16 @ 6:00 AM -- Arena Scheduling opens
    • May 19 @ MIDNIGHT -- Arena Scheduling closes

If you do not have access to the Internet in order to complete Arena scheduling, I will have the Tison Computer Lab open early from May 16th to May 19th. The computer lab will open at 7:30 AM during that period. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through email (gward@weatherfordisd.com) or by phone (817-598-2960, ext. 4102.


Gwen Ward

Tison Middle School Counselor


2016-17 PTA Officers

Contact information for the current Tison PTA officers:

  1. Patricia Thompson, President - pthompson@weatherfordisd.com
  2. Beth Riney, Treasurer - eriney@weatherfordisd.com
  3. Joy Bailey, Vice President Budget - j.bailey8@att.net
  4. Carey Vandygriff, Vice President Membership - cvandy32@gmail.com
  5. Danielle Finch, Vice President Hospitality - daniellefinch3@gmail.com
  6. Erin Light, Secretary -- elight@weatherfordisd.com

***We are having 2017-18 PTA Officer Elections in May. If you are interested in running for a position on the PTA executive board, please contact Joy Bailey. Thanks!***

The notice below includes a correction from the previous week's newsletter. The date of the upcoming PTA meeting is Thursday, May 18th and NOT Friday, May 19th.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Center of Hope Food Drive

The Tison NJHS and PTA are continuing the collection of food items for the Parker County Center of Hope program through the rest of the month of April. We need your donations, please! Although holidays are a popular time of year to collect food, the reality is that food is needed year-round.The food you donate to the Center of Hope Food Drive directly affects families in Weatherford and across Parker County.
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Congrats to Madison Metzger & Mrs. Light!

Every year, Barnes & Noble hosts a "My Favorite Teacher" Contest and invites all middle and high school students to submit an essay, poem, or thank-you letter sharing how a teacher has influenced their life and why they appreciate and admire them.

Madison Metzger, a 7th grade Tison student, wrote an essay about her ELA teacher, Mrs. Light, and it was chosen as a winner! Madison was not only the winner of the Hulen location (65+ applicants), but she went all the way to the district level and won. Her essay was chosen out of 11 other locations besides the Hulen location.

Both Madison and Mrs. Light were honored at a reception last Saturday, April 22nd at the Barnes & Noble on Hulen.


"Second to the Right" Cooks Coin Drive a Success!

The Tison Middle School coin drive for Cooks Children Medical Center collected over $900 dollars! Furthermore, First Financial Bank has agreed to match that amount, which means the total contribution will be over $1800!

For the drive, the second period class that donated the highest dollar amount would win a field trip to Cooks and a free breakfast with Tanner Kloven, a former CBS Amazing Race participant and a DJ for AMP 103.7.

The coin drive officially ended last Friday (April 21) and we are happy to announce that the second period class with the MOST money raised was...Mrs. Light's class!! Her class raised over $200!

It was a very close race with 2nd place going to Mrs. Hayward's class and 3rd place going to Mrs. Prince's class. Many thanks to the teachers and parents who supported our students being the difference and giving to others.

Below is a picture of Mrs. Light's class after their celebratory breakfast with Tanner Kloven.

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Bottom Row (left to right): Madison Arriaga, Landon Boyd, Noah Drenth, Brylan Neitzler, Noah Jones. Second to Bottom Row (left to right): Caleb Freeman, Manuel Martinez, Liliana Valdez, Madison Bethea, Evan Williams, Billy Landeros. Third from Bottom Row (left to right): Ricardo Moreno, Nicholas Gutierrez, Lorenzo Peralta, Tanner Kloven. Fourth from Bottom Row (left to right): Emanuel Lopez-Gutierrez, Armando Soto, Jacob Medrano, Matthew Coleman.


What is SYNC?

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens and adults (13 and older) and is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine. Started in 2010, the SYNC program returns for the summer season on April 27th, and will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week - pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes - until the program ends on August 16th. The program is dedicated to introducing the listening experience to the teen audience and demonstrates that required reading can be completed by listening.

How do I Access the Audiobooks?

The weekly downloads are in MP3 format and are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. The downloads operate through the OVERDRIVE app, which can be run on must devices. Each SYNC audiobook is available for download for a period of 7 days only. Once the weekly download period for each pair of audiobooks expires, that particular pair is no longer available for download.

Below is a PDF flyer that lists the titles for each week...


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Officially losing 3-16, the Tison Tennis Team fell to the Aledo Bearcats this past Tuesday. Tison refused to let this bring them down. They held their heads high as they played superchamps and would not give up. Braden Carter, Connor Halverson, and Isaac Duvall fought to the end, but came up a little short. Congratulations to Aaron Hairston and Kaden Kerbow for their single wins as well as Connor Halverson and Isaac Duvall for their double win. Other wins included Alexis and Abigail McBride with their doubles partners Joseph Markie and Lailah Beyl. Coach Light is so proud of your winning season…the spring winning record was 4 to 1. Can’t wait for next year!


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