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About Mother Teresa

St. Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 in the Republic of Macedonia. She was born into a very religious family. Her family wasn’t the wealthiest family, but they made the most of each other and what they had. Her father died when she was just eight years old. It was a tragedy for her and her family. After the death of her father, I think that it really inspired her to do good for the world. She was a very strong woman of great faith. She placed her life in God and let him do the rest. She is very inspiring for anyone. She prepared for the future by leaving her home and going to a religious convent for nuns. There she studied and grew closer to God. She travelled all over the world. One of the places she travelled to most was India. She helped kids and taught them hoping for a better education. One of the best things she is credited for doing is opening a house for patients with AIDS. She wanted them to have a safe and welcoming environment so that’s why she created this home. The home still exists today. Even when was weak with almost debilitating health issues, Mother Teresa still managed to travel the world. She gave many inspiring speeches at many important events. Many looked and still do look up to her. The thing that shocks me most about her is that despite all her obstacles in life, she still managed to be the most inspiring, caring and devoted woman around.

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Mother Teresa Bio: The Life of A Healer


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