Thurston County 4-H News

July 2018

Upcoming Dates

July 4 - Office Closed - 4th of July Holiday

July 9 - Thurston County 4-H Council Meeting

July 15-19 - State Horse Show @ Fonner Park, Grand Island

July 18 - ALL Dakota-Thurston County Pre-Fair Entries DUE

July 25 - 4-H Clothing Day Judging @ Emerson

July 28 - Pre-Fair Clean Up

July 29-31 - Pre-Fair Judging Shows

August 1-5 - Dakota-Thurston County Fair

August 6 - Post Fair Clean Up

August 10 - State Fair Animal and In Person Entries DUE

August 21 - State Fair Exhibits DUE @ Extension Office (Noon)

August 24-Sept 3 - NEBRASKA STATE FAIR

September 3 - Office Closed - Labor Day

September 5 - State Fair Exhibits read for pick up

September 10 - Joint 4-H Council Meeting @ Pender (7 pm)

September 19 - 4-H Career Portfolios DUE @ Extension Office

September 27-30 - AKSARBEN, Grand Island

Need to Know

Busy Programming - Out of the Office

Seems that we are always busy. Either programming or more programming, so we might see the youth at some of our different events. To make sure we are in the office when you need us, we suggest calling or contacting us to make sure we will be around.

Days we know that we'll both be out of the office are:

  • July 2 & 3

County Fair Info

Dakota-Thurston County Fair Grievance Policy

This year the Joint Dakota-Thurston 4-H Council has revised the Grievance Policy. Please read carefully.

"Purpose: Any person who feels that a violation of the rules or regulations of the Dakota-Thurston 4-H County Fairbook has occurred, must go through a protest/appeals process. This appeals process covers all 4-H contests, static exhibits, and livestock exhibits/shows.

Set-Up: The committee would be made up of the following: (each serving for a one year term)

  • Each county 4-H Council President (2 members)
  • One other 4-H Council member from each county (2 members)
  • Two fairboard members, one from each county (2 members)
  • The chair from the committee in which the grievance was submitted (1 member)

Total: 7


  • Each grievance must be written and submitted by the exhibitor to the Dakota-Thurston County Extension Office Staff.
  • Protests for pre-fair events must be filed within 24 hours or close of next business day.
  • Protests for fair exhibits/shows will not be accepted after the exhibit release time.
  • Each individual will need to pay a $50.00 filing fee for the grievance. Filing fee will be refunded upon positive settlement.
  • All grievances will be kept on file for 2 years.

THE GRIEVANCE PROCESS IS NOT FOR MISSED DEADLINES. (ex. Drop/Add, Horse Entry, Horse Affidavit, Livestock Affidavit, YQCA, Pre-Fair Entries) Refer to 4-H & General Rules 7 and 23 on late policies."

Fair Entry Information - Entry Deadline is July 18th

Each family will be receiving a pack that will have entry forms for the 2018 Dakota-Thurston County Fair. Once again this year we hope to personalize the forms so they contain most of the information the office needs. You just need to fill in class #s, animal ID's, etc. These forms will be DUE back to the office by July 18th.

Clothing Day!

Clothing day is Wednesday, July 25th at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Emerson. (Pre-entries are due July 18th). STEAM Clothing 1, STEAM Clothing 2, Beyond the Needle, Knitting Crocheting, Attention Shoppers, Shopping in Style, Quilt Quest, and Clover Kid sewing are entered on Clothing Day. (NOT ON FAIR ENTRY DAY).

*NEW* Change in Public Fashion Show

When: Wednesday night of Clothing Day (July 25th) @ 6:30 P.M.

Where: St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Emerson

What: A meal, provided by the Dakota 4-H Council, while the youth model their 4-H projects.

Late Affidavit & Late Entry Policies

The Joint 4-H Council has created the following policies:

1) Late animal affidavits will be accepted for one following the entry deadline and will be accessed a $10 late fee per individual for the Dakota-Thurston County Fair.

2) Late fair entries will be accepted for one week following the entry deadline and will be accessed a $10 late fee per individual for the Dakota-Thurston County Fair.

Fair Grounds Clean-Up Days

Make sure you're on hand on Saturday, July 28th starting at 9 AM for the pre-fair clean-up. All 4-H members and families are encouraged to attend and help clean-up the hair grounds. Committee chairs should be there to get together all the stuff they'll need for their show and the projects that need completed. Brooms, rags, hammers, pliers, staple guns, and buckets, bring them along and plan on getting dirty. The fair board will be providing lunch at noon. Just as important is the post fair clean-up, on Monday, August 6th. Everything need to get put away, 9 am start.

Note: The Extension Staff needs heavy lifting help setting up the Exhibit Hall. Help is needed moving fixtures, chairs, tables, and more.

County Project

Do you have 4-H ribbons stored in boxes, tucked away under beds or in the basement? Recycle those ribbons into something new that showcases all your hard work and achievements.

Create an item using 4-H ribbons or rosettes. Wall hanging, frames, quilts and more, check out Pinterest for lots of ideas. Use your imagination!

Item must be made of at least 50% ribbons, your choice for remainder of materials.

Enter project on entry day of the county fair. There is a category/class for county only projects


DEPARTMENT Q - Section 920

901. Recycled/Upycled 4-H Ribbons - Create an item using 4-H ribbons or rosettes. Examples, wall hanging, frames, quilts and more. Use your imagination. Item must be made of at least 50% ribbons, your choice for remainder of materials.

Looking for Trophy Sponsors

One aspect of the 4-H program is awards and recognition. If you would like to donate a trophy for the 2018 Dakota-Thurston County Fair, contact the Dakota Extension Office. Trophies are $15 each. If you have suggestions for other ways to reward our youth, please let the Extension Office or a committee member know. If you believe there is a support sponsor that may have not been asked, please relay this information to the Extension Office.

Entrepreneurship Challenge

We’d like to share with you a brand new state fair class in the entrepreneurship project (ESI)- an Entrepreneurship Challenge! The challenge is open to 4-H’ers enrolled in any of the three units of ESI. 4-H members will create an exhibit showcasing what they learned from the challenge and enter it at the fair. Through the challenge, we are encouraging kids to be entrepreneurial in their thinking and consider entrepreneurship as a career option.

Family Fun Packs

The Dakota Thurston County Fair Board is pleased to announce that "Family Fun Packs" will be on available for purchase at the Fair Manager's Office on Clean-up day Saturday July 21st as well as during Fair week Sunday July 29 thru Friday August 3rd.

Each Family fun pack costs $40 and consists of:

  • 2 Tickets to Impact Pro Wrestling - Friday
  • 2 Tickets to Dueling Pianos - Friday
  • 2 Tickets to Laser Tag - Friday
  • 2 Tickets to Kids Day - Saturday

This is a $60 value which will be sold for $40!

Camping at the Fair

Interested in camping at the fair? Contact Sherry Slaughter @ 402-863-2352

Mary Paeper @ 402-922-1299

These wonderful ladies can let you know the availability of camp sites and prices.

Animal Exhibits

Rabbit Exhibitors - When you enter your animals Monday, July 30th, from 6:00 –8:00 we are asking that you check your animals in with either the superintendents or Extension Staff. We want to try and ensure that our show programs are accurate. Your assistance on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bedding - The fair board will be supplying bedding for livestock projects, which will consist of sawdust. If you have special needs for your projects, it is your responsibility to bring the supplies. If you have any questions, please contact the Stephanie Luedert.

Stalling Horses - The Dakota~Thurston County Fairboard voted in 2010, That if a horse is showed, it must be stalled. No veterinarian excuses will be accepted. This applies to all horses exhibiting at the 4-H Horse Show, no expectations. Horses must be stalled at the fairgrounds on Thursday, August 2nd by 8:00 p.m.

Livestock Check-in - Wednesday, August 1stfrom 6:30 - 8:30 pm is check-in day at the fair. Before you unload your livestock trailer, please stop by the livestock office and check-in. In order to verify exhibitors and livestock that are on the fairgrounds. This will help us with correct stall assignments and correct show programs. Reminder: Swine ear tags need to be purchased for $2.00 each at the time of check-in.

No early release of animals - Please refer to page 8 of the fair book for the following rule: All live animals,
4-H/FFA, Open Class (except cats, dogs, household pets/birds) will remain on the grounds for the duration of the fair. No early releases.
Also see page 28 for the following statement from the Fair Board: Penalty– Premiums will be pulled for exhibits leaving the fairgrounds prior to the aforementioned release time.

Don’t forget your cats and dogs must have current vaccinations. Forms are available on our website. (Dakota County 4-H, fair information page)

Bucket calves need a record book with their entry. (Dakota County 4-H, fair information page)

Outfit Challenge

Open to any 4-H member. Need not be enrolled in the clothing project to participate. Limit one entry per person per class. Both the Add a Piece and the Complete Outfit may be purchased from garage sale, thrift store, consignment store, resale shop (i.e. Goodwill) or a store bargain. Cost must be $10/$20 or below, depending on challenge. If clothing is altered or embellished those cost must be included in the total cost of outfit. This cost does NOT include shoes, accessories or undergarments. Accessories already owned can be used to compliment/finish the outfit.

An entry consists of modeling the outfit and a Shopping Challenge worksheet (available at the Extension Office or online). 4-H’er must model at Clothing day and at Public Fashion Revue. Entry that does not follow the guidelines will be dropped one ribbon placing. Consider these questions in choosing your challenge piece and to complete worksheet: ·

· Fit, quality and care of the garment

· When and how often do you expect to wear this outfit

· How garment/outfit fills a void in your wardrobe

· Will you change a garment by remodeling, embellishing or other changes.

You will also be asked to list each purchased piece, cost and place of purchase and cost of any changes to garment. Outfit will be displayed at the fair.

902. Modeled $10.00 Add a Piece Clothing Challenge - Add one (or more) piece(s) of clothing to an existing outfit already owned by the
4-H’er. The purchased piece(s) and existing clothing must be modeled together. Worksheet listed above must be included.

903. Modeled $20.00 Outfit Challenge - Open to any 4-H member. Must be a complete wearable outfit. Cost of outfit must be $20.00 or less, not including shoes, accessories or undergarments.

Fair Movie - Jumanji "Welcome to the Jungle"

Saturday, August 4th, 2018 inside the Exhibit Hall, starting at 9 PM. FREE for anyone. Parents: Please consider volunteering with this event. Help is needed chaperoning, serving popcorn and drinks. Enjoy a great movie with our youth and volunteer at the same time. This year's movie will be "Jumanji 'Welcome to the Jungle'".
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Family & Consumer Sciences

4-H Culinary Challenge Contest

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Plant Science

Haskell Ag Lab - Crop & Climate Field Day

Please plan to attend the Climate & Crops Field Day at the Haskell Ag Lab near Concord on Tuesday, August 14. This is a public field day and is open to everyone. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. We will have various tracks with speakers in the morning. A free lunch will be available at 11:30 and tours will be available in the afternoon. Educational booths by extension personnel and outside vendors will be available during the day. Plans include educational programs for children, a shooting sports trailer, speakers on climate and how that impacts crops, insects, economics, and animals, drone demonstrations. The day will conclude around 3:30. Details are still being finalized. Please watch this newsletter for more information each month. Again, please mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 14 for the public Climate & Crops Field Day at the Haskell Ag. Lab near Concord. Please pass this along to others in your area.

Animal Science

Upcoming Livestock Shows

September 9 - Norfolk Beef Expo (Northeast Community College) *Scholarship if interested*

*NEW* Aksarben CHANGES

  • 4‐H and FFA youth participants will declare which youth organization they will show their animal projects by August 10 in ShoWorks.

  • NEW UPDATE: Animals exhibited in either 4-H or FFA at State Fair are now eligible at AKSARBEN.

  • NEW UPDATE: Feeder calf nominations no longer will require DNA for AKSARBEN. Feeder Calf nominations will only require an EID tag and an online nomination in the database.

  • NEW UPDATE: AKSARBEN will not be holding a Dairy Cattle, Rabbit or Broiler show in 2018.

  • NEW UPDATE: AKSARBEN horse nominations will require an online nomination with picture upload for their June 15 deadline.

  • NEW UPDATE: Animals exhibited as either breeding or market at State Fair will now be able to switch divisions at AKSARBEN.

We highly recommend referring to the AKSARBEN website and their 2018 Premium Book for any questions you may have this season. The website will hold the most up to date information about the AKSARBEN Stock Show. The direct link to their website:

2018 State Fair & AKSARBEN Livestock Identification Requirements

Family Responsibilities:

1. Exhibitors will be required to enroll in 4-H and the required projects by the county deadline in 4H Online.

2. Exhibitors showing market animals at State Fair or AKSARBEN must have a signed and sealed official DNA collector with hair samples for DNA verification turned into their county office and have completed the online nomination ( along with submitting payment online by the appropriate deadline listed in the table. Any animal carrying an 840 EID tag will require the exhibitor to obtain a Premises ID. Contact the local Extension Office for details. (It is recommended that you make a copy or a photo image of completed envelope you turn into your county.)

3. Exhibitors showing breeding beef, breeding sheep and breeding does at State Fair or AKSARBEN will need to complete an online nomination ( by the June 15 deadline.

4. Exhibitors will be required to complete Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) for the enrolled livestock projects by the county deadline.

5. Exhibitors will notify the County Extension Staff of any retags that may occur up to time of check-in at either the State Fair or AKSARBEN show.

6. Exhibitors will select which animal entries they have chosen to show at State Fair on the State Fair pre-entry website. All nominated and validated animals will be automatically listed as a choice option for pre-entry registration.

7. 4‐H and FFA youth participants will declare which youth organization they will show their animal projects by August 10 in ShoWorks.

a. If an animal is shown in FFA at the State Fair, it is no longer eligible for AKSARBEN. If an animal is entered in FFA, but isn’t exhibited, that animal will still be eligible to be exhibited at AKSARBEN.

8. Exhibitors will be required to bring the breed registration association paperwork to check-in at State Fair for animals wanting to show in a breed class. The exhibitors name should be identified on the registration paper.

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Open Douglas County Fair

This is the Douglas County Fair and we are putting on an Open Junior Youth Livestock show and an Open Static Exhibition for all ages. The Livestock Show will be Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15. Youth will be able to exhibit Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and Swine all at Chance Ridge. The Open Static will be for all ages and will be in store fronts at Village Point. Below we have attached a flyer that we would like you to send out to your local 4-Hers in your County. If you have any questions, feel free to email ( or give us a call at (402)- 516-5826 OR (402)- 237-9403.

Nebraska Elite Showman Competition

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture along with the Rural Radio Network will be hosting the 13th Annual Elite Showman Competition on Saturday, September 1st at the Nebraska State Fair.

by popular demand we have added goat showmanship into the mix.

For more information:

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