paper towns

john green

maybe margo loved mysteries so much that she became one

Que,a teenage boy,falls in love with a girl named margo, who loves mysteries,later she desipears and he was the last one to see her,in this book he goes on a search for her

my personal review of paper towns

personally this novel didn't really suit my liking because it didn't have quite the ending i prefer, usually I prefer a ending that ends with everyone happy..

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What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.” ― John Green, Paper Towns

the critics reviews

Critic reviews

This flick generally glorifies all the possible train-wreck stuff of high school floundering—from drunken house parties to sneaky sexcapades to secret road trips.

Bob Hoose

It may not subvert every cliche of the high-school romance genre, but director Jake Schreiers coming-of-age dramedy nonetheless pulses with moving and melancholy moments.

Justin Chang

There may be nothing fresh left to find in teens coming of age, but director Jake Schreier (Robot and Frank) fakes it with genuine sincerity.

Peter Travers·

“Paper Towns” is a serenely bland adaptation of the John Green young-adult novel about a regular boy in love with the mystery girl next door.

Manohla Dargis·New York Times

Despite its glimmers of self-awareness, Paper Towns works neither as a teen romance nor as a subversion of the same.

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky·A.V. Club

It's not the most poignant or ground-breaking coming of age tale, but Paper Towns' gentle nature and noble intentions make it a respectable one.

Sandy Schaefer·Screen Rant

If you’re searching for smart, soulful teen entertainment, you can start looking inside “Paper Towns.”

Joe Neumaier·New York Daily News

After three months of noisy, wearying, empty-headed blockbusters, it’s tempting to overpraise a smaller romantic dramedy that tries to do something different.

Lou Lumenick·New York Post


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