"Gee, I wish I got credit for this"

Complete Your Summer To-Do List & Earn Graduate Credit !

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It's All About TIME !

We all know that the demands on teachers have reached an all-time high. Additionally, teachers have an inner drive that pushes them to constantly improve their art. It all boils down to having TIME AND the motivation of professional CREDIT to encourage you to fulfill your dream of being the best you can in the classroom.

The Dominican University of California's Summer Curriculum Course, EDUX 9925 Innovative Curriculum Design, is the solution for teachers who spend endless hours in the summer preparing for the upcoming school year. Complete your summer to-do-list AND earn graduate credit.

Create Your To-Do List

  • Align Curriculum
  • Clean out files
  • Design Blended Learning Lessons
  • Focus on Learning & Integrating New Programs
  • Or Choose Anything that makes you more effective !

Complete your Projects & Tasks

Log the hours that you spend working on your project:
  • 50 hours earns 2 graduate credits ($250)
  • 75 hours earns 3 graduate credits ($375)
  • 100 hours earns 4 graduate credits ($495)
  • 125 hours earns 5 graduate credits ($595)
  • 150 hours earns 6 graduate credits ($695)

Celebrate your Success !

At the end of the summer you will meet locally with a few of your colleagues and a Dominican Instructor to celebrate your accomplishments. This informal meeting is a fun way to show what you have completed during the summer.

EDUX 9925 Preview

EDUX 9925