Orenco Community Newsletter

November 22, 2021

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News and Updates

Hello Orenco Families!

I hope you have a great conference with your teacher(s) this next week as well as having a few days to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We have not had a full 5 days off for the break in a long time, so I'm interested in hearing your feedback on how it went. I'm proud of our teachers and staff who show up each day and work so hard in this challenging time to make lessons relevant, engaging, and purposeful. I am also very proud of our students who come to school so eager to learn and be the best Orcas they can be. It is a joy to work and laugh with them daily!

In service to you,

Allison Combs, Principal



Remote number: 971-231-5383

Office phone: 503-844-1370

Special Dates

Nov 22--Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-8 pm

Nov 23--Parent-Teacher Conferences, 8-8 pm

No School: Nov 24-26, Thanksgiving Break

Nov 29-Dec 6--Happy Hannukah/Chanukah

Nov 29-Dec 15 Canned Food Drive

Friday, Dec 3--Picture Retakes

Friday, Dec 17--Spirit Day: Hat Day!

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Current News--

Canned Food Drive

Grade 5 is sponsoring a canned food drive that will benefit Orenco families, as well as food pantries as neighbor schools. Please do what you can to help out! See the flyer below. Dates of November 29 through December 15. Winning classes with the most donations get parties and prizes!

Secure, Perimeter Fence around Play Area:

One of the safety improvements from the school bond is perimeter fencing and gates around our play area. This was slated for Spring 2022, but installation is now going to be the week of Thanksgiving! A rolling gate has been a 20 year wish come true!

Library Amazon Wish List

Miss Patterson would like to share an Amazon Wish List for some well-loved books in the library. These are the books that are often checked-out and wear out rapidly. Help us re-stock our library shelves!


Rainy and Cold Weather

Students have two recess periods a day and will continue to go outside. We have two covered areas and we do close the field when wet and muddy. Names in jackets are great! We have extra jackets for students, too!

PAX Tools for Parents

PAX Parent Flyers--Simple Strategies for teaching kids behavior--Free Virtual Workshop

Please see the attached flyer and registration information for upcoming opportunities for PAX Tools training for our families.

English flyer

Spanish flyer

What's Happening at Orenco?

Booster News (Pictures below)


Parents can sign up to help with the fall Art Literacy Project, City on Water, here--a colorful cityscape. We will contact volunteers with more details once volunteers are allowed in the school. All materials have been purchased...We plan to create a video training to share with volunteers rather than an in person event this year. Volunteers needed: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a4aa8ac22ab9-artlit2

(a picture of the project is below)


We are looking for volunteers to help stock the staff lounge for our amazing Orenco staff. Sign up here to help out. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a4aa8ac22ab9-teacher


There will be a virtual holiday shop where students can purchase holiday gifts for their family and friends. It is open currently and will run through

December 1st. We will provide flyers to send home with students in the next few weeks. The shop can be accessed at https://myholidayshop.org/pages/441370

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School to Home Support Resources

For questions, concerns, support, food assistance (breakfast/lunch) and additional resources, please contact our main office. We are here to support our families:

Get to Know US! Orenco Teachers: Mrs. Rainey and Mr. Buchanan

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Ongoing/Repeat Information Below

Repeat News and Notes

  • Picking up your child at school during the day? Here's what to do:

  • You may use the Birch St Main Entrance and park on the curb for short-term parking.
  • Walk to the front door. The doors will be locked.
  • Use QR code to check out student.
  • Push the "doorbell" to get the attention of office staff.

  • Overseas or Extended Travel: We are not offering CDL like last year as an option. Teachers will use their Google Classrooms to post assignments for all, including students who are quarantined and must be absent from school due to illness. If you have extended travel plans (beyond 10 days), please reach out to your teacher or our office if you have questions.

  • TAG Referrals: TAG referrals can be made at any time! Our TAG coordinators are Joe Wilson and Mandi Bailey. You can also make a referral to your classroom teacher. We follow specific steps with each referral for students for Talented and Gifted programming.

  • Chromebooks: students take their chromebooks home daily K-6. Parents can decline to have them brought home in K-2. Please reach out to your child's teacher.
  • Our regular school hours are 8:00-2:20 pm. Wednesday dismissal is at 1:50 pm. Please note that our tardy bell rings at 8 am and Morning Meetings begin in classrooms at this time. We request that you plan on arriving at school between 7:35-7:55 am.
  • We will purchase extra, but students should bring a water bottle to school. Community water fountains are turned off but water is available in classrooms and bathrooms.
  • It is helpful if you can label items that belong to your child, such as water bottles, lunch boxes, and hoodies & jackets.
  • HSD has many open job positions with great benefits! Please take a look on our district site and see if there is a position waiting for you! ESS West is also accepting substitute teachers and classified staff through ESS substitute services.

    Please be sure to S L O W D O W N when you are driving through the Orenco neighborhood. Let's keep our neighborhood safe! I am getting complaints about speedy drivers. The speed limit is 25 mph and 20 mph in our school zone.

    Tardy Schedule: 8 is late!
    Students will need to check-in at the office before heading to class, If you are dropping your student off past 8, please do so at the Birch St. Main Entrance and park at the curb for short-term parking. Students can walk up to the Main Entrance doors and ring the doorbell on the intercom to notify the office of arrival. Please assist your student as needed.

    Goodie Bags from home (ex: celebrating a student's birthday with the class)--Please check with your teacher first.

    • no candy or things that would involve removing a mask (No balloons, kazoos, candy, gum, lollipops, etc.)
    • Since adults cannot be in our building, the child would need to be able to walk them into the building themselves.
    • No deliveries

    Required Absences (RA)--If a student is required to be away from school due to a positive covid test, a close contact, primary symptoms awaiting a test result or quarantine, students may be a part of a teacher's LIVE Broadcast or Record/Post in Google Classroom. The teacher does not have to interact with the child (like in CDL/hybrid), but make the direct instruction available for students. I know--it is not perfect, but is the option that we are using across our district. Please reach out if you have questions.

    **If a student is home/excused absence, they can access assignments through Google Classroom, but there is not an expectation of the teacher for the Live Broadcast or Posting of direct instruction videos.

    Request for Immunization Status
    Oregon state law requires that students have received appropriate vaccinations for school entry. To view the State of Oregon’s complete list of Immunization and Dosage Requirements, click here (en español). If your student(s) is missing one or more immunization, please download and fill out the Certificate of Immunization Status form and turn in to the school office or email it to our secretary Maria Bartolome Sop at bartolom@hsd.k12.or.us at your earliest convenience.

    COVID-19 Dashboard

    In our effort to be transparent, the Hillsboro School District is publishing data on reported positive or presumptive COVID-19 cases (isolations) and quarantines for students and staff. This data is collected by our contact tracing team and school nurses with help from the Washington County Public Health Department. To protect the privacy of those involved, no names or grade level information will be displayed. Please note that this data may differ from data reported by the Oregon Health Authority because isolations and quarantines will no longer show up in our active data set once the person has returned to school/work and/or the classroom quarantine has ended.

    Please click on this link to access the dashboard.

Online Verification: ParentVUE

Online verification is open and ready for parents and families to update their information. This is one of our best methods for making sure our student and parent/family data is accurate across HSD. In addition, we have added Covid vaccine status into the immunization portion of the verification process. This enables families to indicate if their student has received the vaccine, which can help us better control the virus in schools and make contact tracing more effective.

Since parents must create a ParentVUE account (if they don’t already have one) to complete the verification process, this also gives schools and teachers a better ability to communicate with them.

Here is a link to the information on the HSD website for parents.

Ready Schools, Safe Learners

Principal Combs is available to answer any questions or concerns you have. Please don't hesitate to reach out! Email: combsa@hsd.k12.or.us