Lincoln Physical Education:

What's it all about...

Who we are...

Welcome to the next school year in your child's life! We, Mrs. Schuessler and Mr. Booth, are the health and physical education teachers here at Lincoln. Our goal is to teach every student how and why to stay healthy and fit. We hope to provide learning experiences that encourage physical competence, self-esteem, and enjoyment. The curriculum includes a combination of fitness, motor skills, concepts, games and life-time activities.

We have an open door policy, so if you or your child every has a question or concern, please feel free to contact us.

How to be Successful in PE...

Your student's grade is determined by the following 3 categories...


Every student MUST dress out for physical education class. If, occasionally, a student forgets his/her PE clothes, there will be a deduction in points, but student may participate if sneakers are worn.

Appropriate attire includes the following:

  • Mesh or sweat shorts/pants... no pajama pants, leggings, jeans, or khakis
  • Shorts must extend past the fingertips
  • T-shirts and/or sweat-shirts... no muscle shirts or spaghetti straps
  • Shirts must cover midriff.
  • No inappropriate or suggestive graphics
  • Sneakers
  • Jewelry should be removed


Every student is expected to participate to his/her best ability. Skill level is not as important as effort level. Every student, despite his/her level of ability will have an equal opportunity to participate and learn.


Every student is expected to follow directions, as well as treat others with RESPECT. SAFETY is of utmost importance... horseplay of any kind will not be tolerated.

The Locker Room...

  1. Students will have 5-7 minutes to dress at beginning and end of class.
  2. Students should bring their own deodorant... PLEASE NO Aerosol Sprays, Perfumes, or glass bottles.
  3. Any items left in the locker rooms over night MUST BE LOCKED UP... PE teachers are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
  4. Locks are available to rent... students should see his/her PE teacher.
  5. Gym clothes must be carried in plastic grocery bag or a mesh bag.

We look forward to teaching your student!

Hopefully, this information helps to answer your questions. Again, feel free to contact us at any time throughout the school year.

Thank you, OR