you will wish you were on this trip!

London trip

DAY1.myself and nick to go to london it was $3678 for flights and then me and nick went to austarlia vs england in rugby union because thats what he likes and it cost for drinks and tickets $145 for everything and we arestaying in the oxford hotel it was a package deal.

DAY2.me and nick went to the movies to see godzilla and it cost $30 for two adultsand two small popcorns for $7.50 each.

Trip Bali

i had 12 days relaxing in my room and got room service for $500 and then we went relaxing at a bali traditional dancing festival and tickets cost $50 for two adults and the accomadation cost $575 and it was at wyndam worldmark resort.

the flight back

it cost to fly singapore airlines $13071 for two adults in business class i hope you enjoyed my holiday.
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