Optical Centers

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Eye doctors do various tests while you are there for your appointment to check the overall health of your eyes/vision. They check the refractive state of your eyes to determine if they need vision correction or not. They also check the binocular function of your eyes to see how well they work together. They also test for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, etc. Every aspect of the health of your eyes will be evaluated and any need for treatment or care will be addressed.
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Ophthalmologists- function and diseases of eye.

Optometrists- examine for visual defects.

Optician- supply, prepare and dispense optical appliances.

Low vision specialist- conduct low vision eye examines.

Orthoptist- evaluate and treat disorders of the visual system.

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Eye Centers around here


Doctors Vision Center

Cornerstone Healthcare Shapiro Eye care

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Medicare does not cover routine eye exams or a check up to get new glasses or contacts. Only some medical insurances like medicare part B covers some preventive and diagnostic eye exams.
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