Brentwood Technology 2013-2014

How-To's and Reminders


This is an attempt to make a one stop location for all of the tech reminders and how-to's for the year. As I make adjustments the URL will change and I will update it in Edmodo! Please give me feedback regarding the format. My goal is to make everything simpler and more accessible!

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Update Often

Please don't forget to update your computer AND the applications you use often. When you update your software through the little apple in the upper left hand corner it only updates Apple software. That means Firefox needs to be updated manually. I have found the easiest way to do that is to open Firefox and browse to If your browser needs to updated the webpage will tell you to update!

Print Mid-Terms in FOCUS

Watch Tutorial By Clicking HERE!

1. Log-in to Focus.
2. From the Grades tab, choose “Print Report Cards.”
3. On the next page, type one student’s name in the search field OR leave the field
blank to bring up the entire class.
4. Be sure to check the boxes for Letter Grade, Percent, and Teacher.
5. Scroll down to check the grading period(s) for which you want to print grades.
Be sure to select the quarters with “gradebook” in parenthesis.
6. From the LetterHead Template drop-down menu, choose “Elementary Progress
7. Click continue.
8. From the next page, select the student(s) for whom you want to print reports by
checking the box(es) or check the box at the top of the student list to select all.
9. Select “Preview” to see what the reports will look like first or choose “Print” to go
directly to printing.
Printing notes:
Keep in mind that Focus does not provide page breaks between individual students if
printing them all at the same time. Printing each one separately will provide a whole
page for each student, but the report only takes 1/4 to 1/3 of the page. There is a line
provided for parent signature. You may change the orientation to landscape in individual
printer options.

REMEMBER! We have VERY limited funds for ink! We need YOUR help! ONLY PRINT 1 copy of something, then make copies! Be sure that your students know how to print and how to cancel a print job! Remove all printers from student computers until you have taught them your expectations. Keep full color printing to a minimum!

District Purchased Online Curriculum For Students

Textbooks and other content based resources that have online components have become necessary in order to teach! Here's a quick run down of how students are added!

Step 1-Students are enrolled at the school. Data clerk enters student into database.
Step 2-Student appears in your FOCUS gradebook/attendance. This can take up to
48 hours!
Step 3-All automated accounts are created. If you see your student in FOCUS your student should also have access to ConnectEd, Pearson (via SchoolNet), Renaissance Place, and Discovery Ed. Your student has ALSO been added to the Brentwood pool for GoMath BUT you must go and add that student to your current class in GoMath. (Just like you added all of your other students at the beginning of the year-this time your just add one more!)
Step 4-Assist your student in creating an Edmodo account. Remember, username should be 6 digit student number, password should be 6 digit birthday. If student number is taken, add esc in front of the 6 digit student number.

Voila! Your student is now connected! As you see, there is VERY little I can do to get students into the online curriculum components BUT if you need assistance or have any questions ALWAYS put in a ticket

Edmodo Scavenger Hunt

I would HIGHLY suggest using this with your students BUT you will want to do it first! There are things that YOU, as the teacher, need to be aware of before you set your students loose to complete this activity! It would be great during the first few weeks for upper grade students to complete independently and for lower grades to complete in small groups or later in the year!

Here are some things to remember:
  • Set groups to read only until you have worked on acceptable use
  • Do NOT post your group codes
  • Lock your groups once all students have joined
  • Get parents on board
  • Moderate your groups frequently
  • Use reactions as informal assessments
Information About Edmodo

Click on the titles below for video tutorials!



Teacher Log Ins
Username: Brentwood1
Password: teach

Username: Brentwood2
Password: teach

Username: Brentwood3
Password: teach

ESE Teachers
Username: Brentwood4
Password: teach

Each classroom except ICARE has 7 student users.
Username: teacherslastname1 through 7 (baker1, baker2, baker3, etc.)
Password: student

Each special area teacher, Jodie, Pam, and Melissa Giles have a student account to use.
Username: first initial + last name
Password: teach


**Remember! Nearpod is a GREAT tool for presenting content to students!** This is an iPad app AND students can use computers to participate as well! Information is below!

Login info for Near Pod

K-1 Teachers
login: Brentwood1
password: teacher

2-3 Teachers
login: Brentwood2
password: teacher

4-5 Teachers
login: Brentwood3
password: teacher

Special Area/Non Classroom Teachers
login: Brentwood4
password: teacher

You can access the student web app by going to the following link:

Then students will put in your PIN to view the presentation.