what is cholesterol?

by gabby reyes

whats the big deal with cholersterol?

Cholesterol has a very big part in keeping homeostasis in your body. It is found in every single cell in your body and maintains integrity of the cell membrane.Surrounding our cells is a membrane called a plasma membrane and contains high levels of cholesterol. Without cholesterol cell membranes would have no structure and be mush. If you cells don't have a normal shape you would not be able to receive oxygen through out your body which is a VERY important thing we need in order to keep our bodies functional.

Cholesterol is also a very big part of your brains function. In fact 25% of your bodies cholesterol is in your brain. Cholesterol is the main building block for connection within your brain which means it gives you the ability to think and have memories. Amazing that a tiny molecule can give you the incredible powers of the human brain.

What are LDL and HDL's?

LDL's are low density lipoprotein , LDL is considered the "bad cholesterol" because it easily gets stuck to the outer walls of arteries and blood vessels forming plaque making it more difficult to pump blood. If this continues the heart to pump at its limit to get blood around the body that's when a heart attack happens. Heart disease is when your at risk for a heart attack. HDL stands for high density lipoprotein. HDL is known as the scavenger cholesterol because when LDL clogs and creates plasma HDL removes LDL from veins and arteries in order to avoid having a heart attack.